About MOBO

We are mobile LED screen trailer manufacturer in China. Your best factory solution to install your Led screen and make it movable.

"MOBO, similar to the pronunciation of “MOBILE”, mean the core advantage of our LED screen trailer is "convenient to move". Double “O” are the symbol of trailer wheels and human’s eyes, which means the mobility and attraction of MOBO LED screen trailer. "

Gorden Shya,


digital billboard trailer performs better in outdoor advertising than LED screen on walls

Who is MOBO?

China Leading Mobile LED Display Trailer Brand

At MOBO LED Screen Trailer, we believe there is a better way to help LED display distributors and advertising agencies in their outdoor events. You will have a more efficient, less cost way to save your LED screens ,and save your time to install the screen for each event.

We’re obsessively passionate about our mobile LED screen trailer solution, and our mission is to help you build LED trailer durable and smart. MOBO focus on working with varieties of LED screen manufacturers in China. We mount their high quality LED screen onto your trailer, and give the most professional solution to our clients.

MOBO LED display trailer manufacturer factory


MOBO was founded by Gorden Shya (Managing Director ) in February, 2019. Before the foundation, he has worked into the mobile LED display truck and trailer industry since 2013. He has found that western clients could not find professional LED trailers from China to fit their local trailer standard. 

What’s worse, some LED trailer manufacturers have not realized this serious problem and keep building the LED trailer in an unprofessional way. Some LED display salesman are sourcing unqualified LED display trailer for clients. After these trailer were sold, troubles will definitely follow with the trailer. In order to build the mobile LED screen trailer in a better and professional way, Mr. Gorden Shya made his mind to start MOBO LED Screen Trailer.

MOBO mobile LED screen trailer warehouse in China

Why MOBO LED Display Trailer?

MOBO is committed to providing you with high-end outdoor mobile LED display trailers in China. We deeply trust that only unique and attractive products can bring bigger value to customers. With our exclusive design and exquisite trailer style, MOBO LED display trailer provides you with innovative mobile LED display solutions for the outdoor events. Let’s take your activities to better level!

MOBO build better looking mobile LED display trailer. MOBO build the whole LED trailer with our own design. Check the photo bellow. MOBO mobile LED display trailer looks like more beautiful crafts rather than rough appearance industrial products.

With our stable hydraulic system, professional LED display suppliers, skillful factory worker team, experienced engineers and technicians, MOBO is confident than ever to build your best mobile LED display trailers in China.

MOBO works with Chinese top trailer LED display brands

MOBO work with better outdoor LED display brands in China. Those top brands include Absen, Liantronicts, Unilumin, Leyard, Sansi, LEDman,  etc to give you optional price levels and budgets. The outdoor LED display for MOBO trailer covers P3, P4, P5, P6, P8 and other pixel pitches. We choose the solution  based on the LED screen size as well as your requirement. From LED screen brand to control card such as Linsn and Nova, MOBO work together with most professional team in LED Display industry to serve your project.

MOBO has competitive distributor price and business support. If you cooperate with MOBO, you will not only get high quality mobile LED display trailers, but also very competitive prices from China.

You can also get more product and business market support from us. Based on the local market scale, we can provide you with a finished and semi-finished inventory plan to ensure delivery in 7 to 14 days. You can cooperate with MOBO to develop new customized products, and we can also work together in sharing advertising cost at local marketing.

Distributors and dealers are a very important channel for MOBO to develop foreign markets. We look forward to in-depth cooperation with you.

MOBO trailer engineering is working

Our Mission

MOBO LED screen trailer devotes to improving the efficiency of outdoor LED screen and make LED trailer fleet digital, durable and

Our Vision

Our value is to grow our business and brand to be the best LED screen trailer supplier in China by making the advantage of LED display center and China world factory.

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