MB-12 Mobile LED Trailer

MB-12 Mobile LED Trailer Introduction

The MB-12 is a new mobile LED trailer model. It has a powerful hydraulic control system to unfold the trailer LED screen with just a few buttons. This full hydraulic design reduces the labor intensity of workers and enables the construction of trailer LED screens in a few minutes. The MB-12 LED trailer is equipped with a 15.75ft by 7.87ft outdoor full-color LED display screen. The screen is high brightness and small pixel pitch to perform well in events, festivals, parades, information releases, advertisements, and other live broadcast activities.

MOBO MB-12 Mobile LED Trailer


The MB-12 advertising trailer weighs 2500Kg and is easily towed with a mid-size truck or pickup such as a F150 Raptor. MOBO build this trailer with an appealing boat shape chassis and a scissors hydraulic elevating structure. This model has a minimum turning radius of 10 meters due to longer wheelbase.

The vision and the application of the MB-12 trailer seeks to construct an LED billboard trailer in harmony with the surrounding buildings and natural world. The structure of MB-12 is symmetric and MOBO will paint the trailer with a customized color of your choice. The trailer is strong, durable, easy to clean and is fitted with completely waterproof features.

MOBO MB-12 trailer has all outdoor digital screen functions and are mounted on different sizes of trailers. You can custom the pixel pitch of LED displays such as 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. The control card inside the screen cabinet enables you to control the LED display intelligently.

12 SQM large outdoor LED Screen

Scissors hydraulic design with good shape

Built for park, temple, exhibition center, and short distance usage

Energy saving LED billboard

Flexibility to add customized painting


Durable structure, Water proof and Rust resistant

The MB-12 led trailer has 2 strong axles and 4 manual stabilizers to make this trailer extremely stable. The trailer chassis is built to an attractive boat shape design and the trailer on which the LED screen is mounted, is built as a completed full set steel frame.

The waterproof outdoor digital screen is firmly welded onto the elevating structure of the hydraulic scissors. Finally we use MOBO Epoxy Primer to provide a protective shell over the finish to in order to prevent rust and corrosion from developing in our trailer bodies.

MB-12 LED display trailer with pickup in outdoor

MOBO Trailer with Absen High Quality LED Screen

The MB-12 trailer is equipped with an LED screen measuring 12 square meters or larger. MOBO is committed to supplying high performance trailer LED screen to clients. We have our own LED screen supplier to offer customized outdoor LED screens. We also work with top LED screen brands in China according to clients’ requirements such as Absen, Liantronics, Uniview. MOBO can also build our MB-12 trailer to assemble your own screens.

MOBO outdoor trailer LED screen has features of small pixels, high brightness, high refreshing rate and longer lifetime. We use NationStar LED lamp, Meanwell LED power supply and Novastar control card which are top brands in LED screen industry.

Convenient Trailer Digital Screen Control System

The MOBO MB-12 trailer integrates a multimedia player to provide clients with a diverse range of LED display control solutions. We have created a smart multimedia player so that our clients can control the screen synchronously and asynchronously in order to to play advertising videos, pre recorded content or live broadcast.

With a smart light sensor, the trailer mounted outdoor LED display can be automatically adjusted for the optimum brightness. Clients can control these settings in a regular way such as by remote control via a cell phone, tablet or PC to turn off or adjust the LED power supply.

MOBO trailer with Absen high quality LED Screen


Trailer Datasheet

Trailer Chassis
LED Display
Lifting & Rotating
Media & Electricity
Size: 6500x2100x2300mm
Dimension: 4800mmx2400mm
Lifting Height: 1800mm
Speakers: 50W*2PCs
Gross Weight: 3000KG
Pixel Pitch: 3mm/4mm/5mm
Power: hydraulic control
Amplifier: 350W
Axles: 2PCs
Chip: 1R1G1B SMD
Rotating Degrees: N/A
Video Processor
Tyre: 15inch
Brightness: 5500nits
Control: manual/remote controller
Input Voltage: 120V/240V
Painting: Black color
Avg. Rated Power: 550W/sqm
Stabilizer: 4PCs
Output Voltage: 120V

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