MB-22 LED Sign Trailer

MB-22 LED Sign Trailer Introduction

The MB-22 mobile LED sign trailer is an enclosed trailer fitted with a hydraulic system to lift the mounted LED screen. The standard dimension of the LED sign is 6,000mm by 3,500mm with 6mm pixel pitch. With high portable mobility, you can take this mobile LED sign trailer to most outdoor campaigns and events.

MOBO MB-22 LED Sign Trailer


The MB-22 is a popular and portable enclosed LED sign trailer that features a classic European and American trailer style. The huge digital LED sign is foldable inside the trailer and can be lifted up when you need to display at the event.

With the enclosed structural design, the MB-22 Mobile LED digital advertising sign trailer can protect the LED screen from rain, sunshine, wind, dust and sand so is ideal for use in an even harsh environment. Your mobile outdoor LED sign is very durable too as stays is protected inside the trailer enclosed box for storage and transportation. The protective trailer can also prevent your LED signs from being crashed or hit in accident.

MOBO has considered detail in order help you easily operate the mobile LED sign trailer. You can use the remote control to lift the LED screen without risky manual operation. The material we use is durable and strengthened to carry all equipment on the trailer. Hydraulic components are also safe and stable to run. MOBO uses two hydraulic poles to avoid LED screen shaking after lifting up.

22 SQM large outdoor LED Sign

Popular appearance for Europe and US market

Light duty material design with larger screen

100% hydraulic control to replace manual

Enclosed container to protect LED display


LED Control System On MB-22 Trailer

A trailer LED sign works almost like to an outdoor TV monitor. To make the trailer LED screen start to work, it needs to be connected to equipment that provides the content. MOBO can offer the most common content players for advertising LED screen trailers.

There are a lot of external devices that can get access to trailer LED signs. These devices include HD camera, Camera, PC, Desktop, DVD, Smartphone, Set Top Box and much more. All of these equipment can send programs via video processor or media box on mobile LED sign trailer.

High Brightness and Resolution Digital LED Screen

MB-22 trailer with high quality outdoor screen

MOBO can give you a lot of options to build your ideal mobile MB-22 trailer. You can choose outdoor trailer LED sign specifications such as dimensions, chips, receiving & sending cards, PCB board, controlling software system etc. You can also request live broadcast equipment, speakers, generators, decoration, control room, wraps, trailer painting color and company brand logo. You can treat MOBO as your personal LED sign trailer fabrication base in China who can help you to make 100% custom products.

MOBO can also work with your portable LED sign supplier in China and we can build deep relationship to develop new technology trailer LED sign for you. MOBO also supports you to install your own rental LED screen cabinets onto MB-22 trailer. We help you to build the trailer with competitive cost but fabricate in the most convenient way.

Your Durable Mobile LED Sign Trailer is Easy to Operate

MB-22 LED screen trailer inner decoration

Your LED sign on wheels provides outstanding performance and is easy to transport and set up. MOBO designed the MB-22 trailer in order to save you money and time when you are exhibiting at outdoor events . All hydraulics are safe and reliable to operate and the structure is also durable to support large size outdoor LED signs. We also make sure that MB-22 trailer is user friendly. You do not have to be specially trained or have high skills in order to use it. The portable trailer is always ready for attending events. You can make trailer LED sign work in fifteen minutes after you arrive at the site.

MOBO will give you some training via easy to follow operating video manuals so that you can learn to operate the unit with just a few hours of practice. Detailed labels and guidance are also clearly marked on the control panels. Your MB-22 trailer also comes with a customized operating room to rest and then use for operation once outdoor event starts. All of our designs are committed to improving your start up business experience with MB-22 LED display trailers.


Trailer Datasheet

Trailer Chassis
LED Display
Lifting & Rotating
Media & Electricity
Size: 8080x2300x3110mm
Dimension: 6144mmx3456mm
Lifting Height: 2000mm
Speakers: 50W*4PCs
Gross Weight: 3800KG
Pixel Pitch: 6mm
Power: hydraulic control
Amplifier: 350W
Axles: 2PCs
Chip: 1R1G1B SMD
Rotating Degrees: 360
Video Processor
Tyre: 16inch
Brightness: 5500nits
Control: manual/remote controller
Input Voltage: 220V
Painting: white color
Avg. Rated Power: 550W/sqm
Stabilizer: 4PCs
Output Voltage: 220V

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