MB-50 Stage Trailer

MB-50 Portable Stage Trailer Introduction

MB-50 mobile stage trailer is a portable and cost-saving solution to set up outdoor stages for your event. You only need 15 minutes to unfold this trailer and get a 8000mmx6000mm stage area to start your activity. The folding system we use is 100% manual operation or hydraulic operation based on your favor. The top of the stage trailer roof is 4500mm height from stage. And this big stage area can be used for majority of your events.

MOBO MB-50 Mobile Stage Trailer


MB-50 stage trailer is manufactured by MOBO to match our mobile LED screen trailers. While MOBO LED screen trailer is broadcasting at site, MB-50 stage trailer can offer portable stage area for band performance. This trailer can provide 50sqm large stage with competitive price. The stage trailer can help you get more profits together with LED display trailers.

MB-50 stage trailer is controlled by manual winch to open left side and right side stage. The roof is also raised up with the manual winch. This manual operation structure design is more reliable when you operate in different working environment. It can also reduce your maintenance on this stage trailer. Above all, the stage trailer is convenient to use.

MOBO stage trailer is built under the regulation of United States DOT/ Australia ADR standard. Trailer parts like lights, reflector, cables, tires and electric brakes are purchased and installed based on local regulation. We also installed other functional parts for your events like stage light rail, PA truss, tent, stage PVC tarpaulin to make your events outstanding and impressive.

50 SQM outdoor big trailer stage

Hot portable design for event

Manual lifting and opening with security

Match with LED screen trailer for small events

Convenient to transport and set up


Save Your Time And Money To Build Trailer Stage

Many event companies are unwilling yo start the business of outdoor stage ceremonies. It takes a long time to transport, install, and tear down these stages. What’s more, some events need more equipment like stage lights, PA system and truss installation, it will become more complicated to finish the big stage.

Now MOBO MB-50 stage trailer has given you a good opportunity to size the business opportunity with less investment and operating cost. With MB-50 trailer, you can easily set up a full set outdoor event stage with lights, PA system and LED screen. It only takes you 30 minutes to get ready for band performance. You only need one or two workers to finish all steps.

MB-50 Stage Trailer Operating Video

Durable Material With Safety Design Structure

Durable tire and axle of MB-50 stage trailer chassis

MOBO MB-50 stage trailer combines both features of convenience and safety. The trailer chassis frame is composed of high-quality rectangular pipes and pressed steel plates. The chassis framework has been phosphated with rustproof before installation. The interior trailer floor plate and the outer stage board are made of 12mm professional stage anti-skid board.

Four manual cranked outriggers are set at corners of MOBO stage trailer to stabilize the whole trailer. The bearing capacity of each outrigger is more than 1.5 tons. Each of these four 700R15LT tires can bear 1.4 tons weights. After the roof raising up, MOBO design safety pin to prevent it failing down. To protect the trailer during driving, we install electric breaks for 4 wheels .

Portable Stage working with MOBO LED screen trailer

MOBO MB-50 mobile stage trailer is our solution for clients to develop more business beside MOBO LED screen trailer rental service. While you are using mobile LED screen trailers, many events need stage for outdoor activity performance like band, musical, gospel, speech, donation etc. If you have got PA system and stage lights, our stage trailer can help you a completed solution for fast setting up.

If you have not started event stage business, MB-50 trailer can integrate all necessary equipment on this trailer with less cost. With reliable quality and safety design, you can expand your business area without hiring more employees. By leasing both LED screen trailer and stage trailer, your will size more opportunities in local market.

MB-5 mobile LED display broadcasting in live musical festival


Trailer Datasheet

Trailer Chassis
Foldable Stage
Optional Equipment
Size: 8000x2500x3350mm
Left Stage: 8000mmx2500mm
Rental LED screen
Gross Weight: 3500KG
Right Stage: 8000mmx2500mm
PA system
Axles: 2 PCs
Roof Height: 4300mm
Stage Lighting
Tyre: 700R15LT
Stage Height: 1100mm
Banner Flag
Stabilizer: 4PCs
Stage Open: Manual winch

Standard Stage Trailer Version

Standard MB-50 stage trailer

Enclosed Stage Trailer Version

Enclosed MB-50 stage trailer model

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