What is Mobile LED Screen Trailer?

Mobile LED screen trailer, or mobile LED billboard trailer is a combination of outdoor LED display and light-duty trailer chassis, making LED display more convenient to move. It can be widely used in outdoor live broadcast, music live, ads promoting, sports events, festival celebrating, outdoor television and other applications. The structure of LED screen trailer includes trailer chassis, LED display & multimedia system, power supply system, hydraulic lifting and rotating system, and control cabinet box. 

Trailer Chassis

LED Screen trailer chassis is an unpowered vehicle pulled with a trailer hitch ball  and can be towed by a powered car, pickup or truck. The trailer is designed for carrying LED screen and hydraulic parts.

Generally mobile LED screen trailers range in size from single-axle to double-axles based on the total trailer loading weight. In different countries like Europe and North America, the trailer standard and regulation are different. It is important to build the trailer under the transport regulation of local country such as DOT in United States and ADR in Australia.

MOBO good appearance trailer chassis

Trailer LED Screen and Media

LED trailer multimedia system includes LED display, control card, speakers, video processor, power amplifier, etc. The trailer mounted LED screen can be divided into indoor use and outdoor use models.

LED Display.Trailer LED screen can be divided into pixel pitch of P3, P4, P5, P6, P8 and P10 trailer LED screens. Generally, the smaller pixel pitch LED screen will cost more than bigger ones. In addition, there are other factors that affect the quality of trailer LED screen, such as DIP or SMD, IC brand, power supply, control card and so on. These factors will have an important influence on the brightness, refresh rate, contrast, life and power consumption of the trailer LED screen.

Audio & video equipment. The mobile LED screen trailer is also installed with two or four outdoor waterproof speakers, together with corresponding power amplifier to achieve audio output. Video processor or a multi-functional box will be also installed to realize the conversion and output of video signals to the trailer LED display screen.

high refreshing rate is better than low refreshing rate of mobile LED display

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of the mobile LED screen trailer is mainly used to make the trailer mounted LED screen lift and rotate, or fold and unfold.

Lifting. These hydraulic actions ensure the trailer LED screen can be seen easily in higher position. The mechanical system consists of hydraulic pump station, hydraulic motor, rotary support, lifting guide post and hydraulic cylinder.

Rotating. The slewing support includes a slewing gear and a tray, so that the trailer LED screen and the lifting guide post can rotate 360 degrees. The LED screen is installed on the guide post with hydraulic cylinder, which can conduct the lifting and landing actions.

Remote control. The operation button of the hydraulic part is installed in the control cabinet box, and the lifting and rotating actions of the LED screen can be controlled by the buttons or the remote controller.

Electric Power Supply

Mobile LED trailer has a variety of power supply methods. Based on the voltage standards of different countries, LED screen trailer can use 110V or 220V power supply. The LED screen trailer can also be powered by the on-board generator.

It should be noted that the generator must be silent and meet the maximum power requirements of the whole trailer electric power consumption such as trailer mounted LED screens, speakers, amplifiers, hydraulic system motor.

If the LED screen is single color, you can also power it with solar panel energy and batteries. Majority of outdoor trailer mounted LED screen has large power consumption, solar energy and battery can not meet the needs of LED billboard trailer.

mobile LED display trailer electricity supply drawing
control cabinet on MOBO led display trailer

Trailer Control Cabinet

Led Trailer control tool box is generally installed at the side or on top of the trailer chassis. It is mainly used to install multimedia equipment such as video processor and power amplifier. The control box also integrates electric cable installation, circuit control system and hydraulic operation system.  There is strip LED light for indoor lighting and also an additional toolbox to store the tools for daily use.

With the control cabinet, you can operate the electricity supply of the trailer, lift or rotate the LED screen, and control the audio and video play on the trailer LED display. The control cabinet is designed with waterproof and shockproof.

LED Display Control System

There are synchronous control and asynchronous control to display videos, animations, pictures, texts on the trailer LED display. Both of these two control system need hardware and software from the trailer and LED screen.

Synchronization system is displaying content of the trailer LED screen from the content on the control computer monitor in real time and synchronously. Synchronous control requires a computer or laptop because it doesn’t have storage memory.

Asynchronous display means you shall use computer, laptop, mobile phone, Tablet, SD card, USB flash drive to send the edited contents in advance to the control card of the trailer LED screen. After the control card (with memory storage) received the contents, it will display the edited contents in order.

video control system of MOBO LED billboard trailer

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structure of MOBO mobile LED display trailer

Mobile LED display trailer is a new creative LED product which has advantages for your outdoor LED display rental business.

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