As the owner of a new MOBO LED trailer , you are responsible for regular care and proper maintenance. Proper maintenance will help avoid situations where the MOBO LED scree trailer manufacturer’s Limited Two-Year Warranty will not cover items due to neglect. Maintenance services should be performed in accordance with this manual, as well as the corresponding manufacturers’ warranties on components included within your mobile LED screen trailer.


It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the mobile LED trailer as described in the Care and Maintenance section of the Owner’s Manual including taking whatever preventative measures necessary to maintain the exterior sealants of the unit and to prevent foreseeable secondary moisture or water damage to the unit from heavy rain, plumbing leaks, hitting damage, short circuit and other damages..

  1.  Proper care and maintenance as outlined in this manual and the corresponding component warranty package
  2.  Returning your electric parts to an authorized service center for any repairs or service that is required
  3.  Reviewing the information contained within the Owners Manual and all supplied component information


MOBO warranty covers this LED trailer vehicle for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase by the first retail owner. This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship supplied by and attributable to MOBO’s manufacturing and assembly of the mobile LED screen trailer, when the LED screen trailer is used for its intended purposes of outdoor advertising and broadcast.

Manufacturing defects reported to MOBO LED Trailer within two years after the original delivery of your new LED screen trailer will be corrected without charge and within reasonable times.MOBO LED screen trailer is not responsible for any undertaking,representation, service agreement, or warranty beyond what is expressly set forth in this Limited Warranty.  


MOBOLED screen trailer will not be responsible or liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature that result from any defect in the trailer. the disclaimer of consequential damages is not dependent upon the warranty fulfilling its essential purpose.


  • Adjustments to all cabinets, locks, electric parts and hydraulic parts after sale;
  • Equipment, products, components, appliances, or accessories not manufactured by MOBO;
  • LED screen trailers which are not originally purchased through MOBO or those purchased through auction, repossession, salvage or an otherwise damaged or distressed condition;
  • Damage or loss caused in whole or in part by the misuse, abuse, neglect, theft, vandalism, product modification, improper customer or dealer installation, improper stowing of equipment, overloading or improper balancing of the load, low or high voltage, unauthorized repair or failure to follow instructions supplied with the LED screen trailer;
  • Damage or loss caused in whole or in part by the unauthorized attachments, modifications or alterations to the structure, body, pin box, or frame of the trailer including but not limited to trailer hitches for towing;
  • Design defects; Redesign/Re-construction of any part of the trailer; or anything related to wheel or axle alignment;
  • Rust or corrosion due to the environment;
  • Damage or loss caused in whole or in part by animals, exposure to natural or atmospheric elements, corrosive chemicals, ash or fumes generated or released by vehicles, collision, road hazards, rock chips, condensation, or any other source;
  • Damage or loss caused in whole or in part by the willful or negligent acts of the driver of the vehicle pulling the trailer, an accident involving the trailer, or the condition of any road surface;
  • Damage or loss to the trailer caused in whole or in part by the tow vehicle selected by the owner, owner’s operation or use of the tow vehicle, improper selection or installation of towing hitch on tow vehicle, weight distribution, sway control or equalizer equipment, or damage to the owner’s tow vehicle;


Your continued satisfaction with your LED screen trailer is of utmost importance to MOBO. Please follow these steps for fast, efficient warranty service.

Warranty service requests must be made within the warranty period and should ordinarily be initiated by MOBO LED screen trailer.

        1. Inspect your LED screen trailer thoroughly to determine exactly what service is required.
        2. Contact MOBO by phone or email with this information.
        3. BOMO MOBO will work together with our supplier chain to solve the problem.

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