MB-5D Double Sided LED Trailer

MB-5D 2 sides LED Trailer Introduction

The MB-5D double sides LED screen trailer is an upgrading model of MB-5 trailer. MB-5D trailer has two sides 5sqm outdoor LED screens and double axles. Those two LED screens mounted on trailer can be raised up and rotated with 360 degrees. With this design, the trailer has maximized the the viewing angel of LED screens. You can also play videos and audios with speakers and video processor in the MB-5D LED screen trailer.

MOBO MB-5D Mobile LED Display Trailer


MB-5D trailer LED screens are made of high brightness waterproof steel cabinets which are durable for outdoor environments. The dimension of double sided trailer screen is 2880mm by 1600mm (9.45ft by 5.25ft). The pixel pitch of mobile trailer LED screen can be 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. The mobile LED screen has high refreshing rate as well as high brightness to work at daytime.

MB-5D LED screen trailer has durable structure for working. Double axles on trailer can support all weights from screens and hydraulic mast and makes the trailer stable. With four manual jacks, two sides LED screens can rotate easily with much safety. The mechanical design is very convenient to use. You can easily raise up the screen with controller buttons and can rotate the screen with hand.

Double side 5 SQM LED display

Stable trailer screen supporting structure

Hydraulic lifting and rotating LED display

Small pixel with HQ video and image

Parking easily to display images and videos


Display Your Video On Both Side Trailer LED Screens

MB-5D trailer can be your good portable LED screen for many events. It can be easily towed by your SUV or pickup and the trailer LED screen can be taken to the place where you hold the events. You only need one employee and spend 15 minutes setting up the screen, powering the screen and uploading the image or video content onto the trailer LED screen.

This LED screen trailer has double side LED billboards. You can display different videos or photos at the same time or you can also choose play the same content on both side digital LED billboards. There will be only one audio coming out of speakers even though screens are displaying two videos.

Use MB-5D LED Trailer in Varieties of Events

As a popular small side LED screen trailer, MB-5D trailer can be widely used in outdoor events such as sports matches, outdoor movies, car shop, message publish, small concerts, school open days, outdoor games etc. If you want to make full use of LED screen trailers, MOBO can offer you with different cases from our clients.

The use of MB-5D LED trailer is not limited. One small idea may develop the business area. For example, MB-5D trailer can be used a digital billboard for birthday parties or proposing. You shall pay attention to events around and come up with creative ideas to use LED screen trailer.

Small Investment , Higher Profits With LED Screen Trailer

MB-5D mobile LED screen trailer has a lower cost than building a fixed outdoor LED screen or rental LED screen. MOBO MB-5D trailer can offer you a business opportunity to expand LED screen business without hiring more workers and fewer equipment investment. And you can grow the LED screen renting business with more LED trailers.

If you are not a professional in LED display, MOBO LED screen trailer can be your best choice to use the screen. You do not need professional worker to set up screens and do the commissioning. You can easily learn to use it within a few hours and start the business. Thus, MOBO MB-5D mobile digital billboard trailer is a friendly product for your business.

MB-5D double side LED screen trailer in Africa


Trailer Datasheet

Trailer Chassis
LED Display
Lifting & Rotating
Media & Electricity
Size: 5430x1600x2700mm
Dimension: 2880mmx1728mm
Lifting Height: 1000mm
Speakers: 30W*2PCs
Gross Weight: 1950KG
Pixel Pitch: 5mm
Power: hydraulic control
Amplifier: 200W
Axles: 2 PCs
Chip: 1R1G1B SMD
Rotating Degrees: 360
Video Processor
Tyre: 15inch
Brightness: 5500nits
Control: manual/remote controller
Input Voltage: 110V/220V
Painting: white color
Avg. Rated Power: 550W/sqm
Stabilizer: 4PCs
Output Voltage: 110V/220V

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