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LED Screen Trailer Manufacturer

MOBO builds mobile and portable trailer with high-resolution LED display for United States and other countries. The mounted LED display can range from 5m² up to 50m² with customized pixel pitch and LED screen brands. MOBO trailers can offer you convenient short installation and operation. Our mobile LED display trailer will be your creative solution to maximum visibility in all types of outdoor events.

MOBO MB-5 LED Screen trailer


5 sqm (9.5ft wide by 5ft tall) trailer LED display. Small size, good cost, and easy to operate.
MB-5D MOBO double sides LED screen trailer


Double side LED screen on trailer. Each side screen is 2880mm x 1600mm(9.5ft wide by 5ft tall).
MB-10 mobile LED trailer


10sqm (13.5ft wide by 8.5ft tall) trailer LED display. Safe towing and good for small and medium events.
MOBO MB-12 mobile LED screen trailer


12sqm(15.5ft wide by 8.5ft tall) trailer LED display. 100% Hydraulic unfolding and rotating control system for screen mechanical operating.
MOBO 17ft by 10ft MB-16 LED screen trailer


16sqm(17ft wide by 10ft tall) trailer LED display. Unique trailer design. Available screen rotating and lifting. Hot model for outdoor broadcasting.
MB-22 enclosed LED screen trailer with 22sqm large screen


22sqm(20ft wide by 11.5ft tall) trailer LED display. Enclosed container to protect and transport LED display. Convenient hydraulic control design.
MOBO MB-28 LED screen trailer


28sqm(23ft Wide by 13ft tall) trailer LED display. 100% Hydraulic unfolding, extending and rotating control. Ideal model for large events.

Portable LED Screen For Outdoor Event

Don’t know how to use our mobile LED billboard trailers? This video shows how MOBO mobile LED screen trailer can help you do live broadcast in an outdoor event.

We don’t build this LED trailer in a rough way. Our designs are adopted to improve your mobile LED display trailer experience and help you get more profits.

Learn more about the structure of MOBO trailer and know how it can perform well in outdoor advertising promoting and events. 

Build Your Custom Mobile LED Billboard Trailer

MOBO has set up LED display trailer factory base in China that encourages you to make LED display movable and convenient. You choose the suitable LED display dimension, and we will build it up with your own selections. You can also choose from our large range of validated options. Our technical team are non commission, they will help you decide which options are best for you and your style of trailer.

MOBO new mobile LED display trailer provides you with pixel pitch of 3mm, 4mm,5mm, 6mm and other types. The mobile LED screen size covers from 5 square meters to 30 square meters. MOBO trailer offers 360 degree hydraulic rotation and audio system like speakers, amplifiers, video processor.

You can use 110voltage or 220 voltage electricity to power these mobile LED displays and equipment on MOBO trailer. We also work professional on-board generator supplier which can offer portable silent generator from 8KWA to 16KWA to power all facilities.

MOBO LED Screen Beautiful Details

Beautiful Design & Affordable LED Trailer

MOBO never builds rough or ugly LED screen trailers. Our trailer has unique beautiful curve shapes and lines which need more hand finishing metal plate work. MOBO beautiful LED screen trailer will take your brand higher level by increasing more sights, impressions and better visual experience in the event. If you watch our trailers, they are always in fashion instead of miserable designs.

MOBO trailers need more labor work to make it beautiful but we have made the price affordable. We have our own factory in China to build LED screen trailer with less labor cost, LED screen cost, and coating cost. That is why you can buy MOBO trailer with best price among top LED screen trailer manufacturers. We only keep reasonable profits and sell MOBO trailers to majority of those small and medium business companies.

MOBO has the conformity of United States trailer regulations and can register MOBO LED screen trailer in all states. We have rich experience to deliver MOBO trailers door to door to trusted clients and save your time to do exporting process and documents.

Mobile LED screen trailer Cases

You can use MOBO mobile LED display trailer in various kinds of events at day and night, indoor or outdoor. Typical applications and events include concerts, tailgating, graduations ceremonies, scoreboards, golf tournaments, demo-days, fairs, movie nights, watch parties, weddings, races, marathons, soccer, charity events, coastal beach, political campaigns and more.

Grow Your LED Billboard Trailer Business With MOBO

There is literally mobile LED billboard display demand in certain business applications such as outdoor advertising and events. If you do not have the suitable solution for clients to reduce the cost and solve the problem, you will undoubtedly miss the best opportunity in the market.

MOBO LED billboard trailer helps you to expand your service with new creative LED display products. You have this new attractive product to show your clients and projects with better returns compared with other regular solutions.

Work with MOBO LED billboard screen trailer, bring more business to you.

MOBO mobile LED display trailer grows your outdoor business
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