MB-10 LED Screen Trailer

MB-10 LED Screen Trailer Introduction

The MB-10 mobile LED screen trailer is a versatile and portable trailer with 10 square meters outdoor screen. With 2 trailer axles, MB-10 trailer allows you to move the location of your digital screen wherever you see fit. We give you the ultra clear digital screen on trailer to make your videos and images outstanding in events.

MOBO MB-10 LED Screen Trailer


MB-10 trailers come with 4032mmx2496mm outdoor waterproof LED billboard. You can easily use the LED screen control software system to play any text, graphics, animation and capable full video formats in the outdoor activities. MOBO trailer is friendly to users to quickly operate and upload attractive vibrant media content on trailer screens.

Traditional outdoor billboard advertising business is becoming more and more expensive due to increasing fierce competition. MB-10 trailer offers a cost-effective solution to develop the new outdoor LED display rental business. Designed for medium and small events, MB-10 LED trailer can provide your own advertising space in the corner of the city or the place clients request.

MB-10 trailer is custom-built with utilizing industry-leading components including high brightness digital outdoor screen, on-board power, sound, and production equipment for fast setup and easy operation. Our target clients include cities/municipalities, event companies, production companies, LED display distributors, and OOH media companies.

10 SQM large outdoor digital screen

Double axles with high safety design

Two screens with seamless splice

16:9 aspect ratio to play common form videos

One button remote control lifting & rotating


15 Minutes to Set Up MB-10 Trailer

MB-10 mobile LED screen trailer is easy and fast to set up with hydraulic unfolding system. 2 sets of trailer LED screen can connect together with our fast locks. You can lift and rotate the big trailer LED screen with MOBO remote controller. All the lifting and rotation have been concerned with safety projection and wind-resistant performance. Yon only need about 15 minutes to make the trailer LED screen work.

Traditional outdoor LED panel will take you long time to build out and tear down a huge outdoor LED screen. MB-10 digital LED trailer is a permanent outdoor LED display installed on trailer wheels. This mobile LED trailer is usually the most cost-effective, smart, and durable solution for your LED wall installation.

MB-10 Trailer Helps You Make Money Fast

MB-10 mobile LED screen in event

Renting an outside LED screen is not cheap, and sometimes its cost can range from $2,000 to $10,000+ per day. After calculating the cost of purchasing, the investment and rate of return on mobile LED trailer will do make sense. MOBO mobile LED screen trailer is built to last a longer time. Even though you count the cost of setup, operation, tear-down, electricity, salary cost and video design, the profit of operating mobile LED display trailer has an increasing business market.

Which type of clients can be mobile LED screen trailer buyers? Based on MOBO research, LED screen trailer owners include event planners, OOH media agents, LED display distributors, production companies, NGOs, experiential marketing companies and so on. You can earn money by implicating MB-10 LED trailer into concerts, University ceremonies, trade shows, traditional festivals, political campaigns, outdoor parties, sport matches and other applications.

High LED Trailer Quality You Can Count On

MOBO build the mobile LED screen trailer with good looking but we do more than that. From the top material suppliers to advanced software system technology, MB-10 LED screen trailer is manufactured with high standard. MOBO can give you the best outdoor LED trailer display, super silent on-board gasoline generator set and reliable hydraulic system.

MOBO has made the most of China fabrication advantages and keep research international mobile LED screen trailer markets to make our LED screen trailer more popular. We make you feel confident to buy top quality LED screen trailer from MOBO and we also can give you the best cost-effective LED trailers you can afford.

MOBO MB-10 LED trailer broadcast swimming event


Trailer Datasheet

Trailer Chassis
LED Display
Lifting & Rotating
Media & Electricity
Size: 5800x2100x2100mm
Dimension: 4032mmx2496mm
Lifting Height: 1200mm
Speakers: 50W*2PCs
Gross Weight: 2500KG
Pixel Pitch: 6mm
Power: hydraulic control
Amplifier: 350W
Axles: 2PCs
Chip: 1R1G1B SMD
Rotating Degrees: 360
Video Processor
Tyre: 15inch
Brightness: 5500nits
Control: manual/remote controller
Input Voltage: 220V
Painting: white color
Avg. Rated Power: 550W/sqm
Stabilizer: 4PCs
Output Voltage: 220V
drag bar of MOBO MB-10 trailer
media control cabinet
remote controller

Trailer Dragbar

We can use different standards of drag bars like goose or straight drag bar. The hydraulic brake and electric brake are also optional.

Media Control Cabinet

The control cabinet combines electric distributions and hydraulic movement control. Audio and video equipment are also inside.

Remote Controller

Remote controller is used for lifting the trailer LED display, putting down trailer LED display, and rotating continuous 360 degrees.

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