MB-16 LED Billboard

MB-16 LED Billboard Trailer Introduction

The MB-16 mobile led billboard trailer is an outdoor 5,120mm by 3,200mm LED billboard installed on 3500KG trailer chassis. This 17’×10′ LED screen with trailer has a hydraulic system to set up two LED screens together and make the LED screen lift and rotate. This portable LED billboard has wide applications for outdoor events, live shows and broadcasting.

MOBO MB-16 LED Billboard Trailer


The MB-16 LED billboard trailer can meet the LED screen needs of most outdoor activities. This 5.12m×3.2m high definition digital LED display can be used in combination with a video processor, camera and all the other external equipment necessary for a professional live broadcast. You can use the hydraulic system to adjust the height and rotation angle of the LED billboard to place it in the best visual position.

Many businessmen want to start an outdoor LED display project but up to now this has been labour intensive and expensive. Setting up a traditional LED display has to rely on a team of professional staff to complete the project. In addition you have to employ several workers in your installation team. However, our mobile digital LED billboard trailer has turned the outdoor LED display rental business into a new field for everyone to invest.

The MB-16 LED trailer is suitable for LED display dealers or for new entrepreneurs looking to engage in outdoor LED display leasing activities. The trailer mounted billboard can be quickly raised up or lowered down by hydraulic control. You just need to connect the power supply and turn on the computer to play the videos and live broadcast programs in a few minutes.

16 SQM large outdoor LED screen

Hot model for high end outdoor events

Entirely new HD visual sensory experience

Best partner for movie, concert, sport broadcast

Set up mobile LED display in 20 minutes


Start Digital Billboard Trailer Business

The MB-16 LED screen trailer has an excellent design for positioning high-end outdoor events and activities. It is also far less expensive when it comes to purchasing, labor costs, time cost and maintenance cost than traditional rental LED display. With the MB-16 mobile LED screen trailer, you only need to show and recommend this creative LED trailer to your customers. It will steal the show in all outdoor events.

Some LED screen distributors feel unsafe about new LED display technologies. However the MB-16 digital LED billboard trailer is a relatively stable technology product with a high rate of return on investment. Your MB-16 LED trailer is an outstanding asset that will attract the event planner’s attention. After all the core value of the LED screen trailer is to make the event better.

High Brightness and High Resolution Digital LED Screen

The MOBO-16 LED screen trailer is equipped with top quality outdoor LED display from 3mm pixel pitch to 6mm pixel pitch. MOBO has built a long term relationship with world leading LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen. We adopt their technologies for outdoor LED display including chips, receiving & sending cards, PCB board, controlling software system and more . All these advanced technologies guarantee that the MB-16 LED trailer is brighter and clearer in daytime or at night than any of our competitors.

MOBO also give you the choice to customize your own outdoor trailer LED screen. For example if you want a certain LED screen from a supplier in Shenzhen or other cities, we will build MB-16 LED trailer based on this request.. We are committed to building the LED screen trailer in a flexible but professional way. As a result, your mobile LED screen trailer will keep your audience’s attention with MOBO digital display’s outstanding visual performance.

We Build The LED Trailer Which is Convenient to Use

One of our main goals is to improve the practicability and convenience of MOBO LED trailers. The MB-16 LED trailer has 2 pieces of seamless splicing LED screens, which can reduce the overall height of trailer. You just need press the button to automatically splice, lift, and rotate the LED screen. We match suitable electronic brake system for the LED trailer. The user friendly design of media control box also allows you to play programs easily and quickly.

Our high-end LED screen trailers allow you show videos and brand messaging both day and night, indoors or outdoors. The MB-16 LED trailer is your best partner for events, concerts, tailgating, graduations ceremonies, scoreboards, golf tournaments, demo-days, fairs, movie nights, watch parties, weddings, races, marathons, charity events, tent sales, political campaigns and much much more.


Trailer Datasheet

Trailer Chassis
LED Display
Lifting & Rotating
Media & Electricity
Size: 7020x2100x2600mm
Dimension: 5120mmx3200mm
Lifting Height: 1360mm
Speakers: 100W*4PCs
Gross Weight: 3350KG
Pixel Pitch: 5mm
Power: hydraulic control
Amplifier: 500W
Axles: 2PCs
Chip: 1R1G1B SMD
Rotating Degrees: 360
Video Processor
Tyre: 7.00-16R
Brightness: 5500nits
Control: manual/remote controller
Input Voltage: 110V/220V
Painting: white color
Avg. Rated Power: 550W/sqm
Stabilizer: 4PCs
Output Voltage: 110V/220V

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