MOBO LED Screen Trailer FAQ

Before purchasing a new MOBO LED Screen trailer we want to make sure that all of your questions are answered. Below are a few of the most common questions that we receive.
How to build a mobile LED billboard trailer?

Mobile LED billboard trailer integrates trailer chassis, LED display, multimedia system, power supply system, hydraulic lifting and rotating system, and control cabinet box.

Here are the main steps to build a mobile LED billboard trailer.

  • Determine trailer  LED display size. You shall choose the dimension of trailer LED display, LED display pixel pitch, brightness, cabinet type and other parameters. According to the size of trailer LED display screen, the length and estimated gross weight of the whole LED screen trailer chassis are set down.
  • Purchase LED billboard trailer chassis materials and construct. For example, you should buy aluminum or iron materials, buy the appropriate size of trailer axles and tires, buy LED lights that meet national standards, and buy brake systems on trailers. All of these chassis materials should be welded or installed by the LED billboard trailer factory.
  • Install safe and stable hydraulic lifting and rotating system. Select the matching hydraulic pump and cylinder based on the the LED screen weight, and install it firmly on the reserved position of the trailer chassis. Make sure the hydraulic system operates smoothly.
  • Install the trailer LED display frame. The frame of trailer mounted LED screen is customized based on the size of LED display and cabinet type. You shall weld and fix the LED screen frame with hydraulic lifting rod. Please ensure that the hydraulic system can drive the trailer LED display screen to complete the lifting and rotating action.
  • Install audio media system and cable wiring. Fix the outdoor audio and speakers on both sides of the trailer LED screen, and connect the circuit in the media control box. These devices should include power amplifier, speakers, video processor, hydraulic system switches and lifting & rotating buttons, LED display cable wiring, trailer cables, and circuit protection devices.
  • Paint and debug the whole mobile LED billboard trailer. After the installation of all equipment, the mobile LED display trailer should be sprayed with durable painting to make the appearance more beautiful. And the whole trailer LED screen control system and mechanical control system should be debugged to ensure that the LED display trailer can work stably.
Are you LED advertising billboard trailer manufacturer or LED screen manufacturer?
  • MOBO is a professional LED display billboard trailer manufacturer in China. Our core business is to provide high quality customized mobile LED display for customers all over the world. MOBO has a great R&D team to improve the quality and update new technologies.
  • We know that some LED display factories and dealers are also selling mobile led display trailers. However, they are not directly engaged in the production and manufacture of the whole trailer except for providing trailer mounted LED display.
  • We have more experience and professional knowledge in the fabrication technology of mobile LED display trailer. We are more confident that you can get a LED billboard trailer with reliable quality, considerate service and fully customized solutions in China.
What is the cost of mobile LED billboard trailer?
  • The price of our mobile LED billboard trailer is from $5,000 to $50,000 based on different models and screen sizes.


  • To meet different customers’ needs, we provide many flexible optional configurations. For example, United States customers can choose UL approved trailer mounted LED  screen, then the overall price will be higher. If the customer has no requirements for certification, or he can provide a list of equipment parameter requirements, we will also provide a reasonable market price to build the mobile LED screen trailer.


  • We guarantee that you can not only choose the mobile LED billboard trailer with less cost, but also can customize the high-end LED trailer from MOBO.
What is the maximum LED screen trailer you can build?
  • According to different mobile LED display trailer structure design, we can provide you with 5 square meters to 50 square meters mobile LED display trailer.
What is your brand of digital LED billboard installed on trailer?
  • MOBO works with China’s leading LED display brands and manufacturers to build high quality digital LED display billboard trailers. These brands include Absen, Leyard, Unilumin, LianTronicsSansi, Ledman and many other famous brands. These LED display brands and manufacturers have passed plenty of certificates, such as CE, ETL, CCC, UL, CUL, CB, FCC and RoHS certificate. These passed certifications had proven the trailer mounted LED displays are excellent and stable.


  • As the world’s manufacture center of LED display, China has so many LED display brands. Thus we can also work with your own LED display manufacturer and brands in China to build the mobile LED display trailer.
Can you build customized trailer with my own rental LED display?
  • We can use your existing LED display to customize a mobile LED display trailer for you. Whether you have die-casting aluminum LED rental display or outdoor waterproof standard iron cabinet LED display, we will customize the trailer LED display frame to match your LED display size, and complete the trailer chassis, hydraulic system and other components. We provide you with 100% customized mobile LED display trailer fabrication.
How much is it to rent a mobile LED billboard trailer?
  • The rental price of the mobile LED display trailer varies by the size of trailer mounted LED display, the national situation and the days of the rental period. Take United States for example. the rental price of a 4500mm × 2500mm LED display trailer is about $2500 per 2 hours and $3500 per 4 hours (this price is from FunFlicks® for your reference only).
What is the delivery time of portable LED display trailer?
  • The delivery time of MOBO LED billboard trailer is from 20 days to 45 days. Among these trailer models, the production time of small LED display trailer is from 20 days to 30 days. The production time of large LED display trailer is from 30 days to 45 days.


  • In order to help our LED display trailer dealers to shorten the production time and transportation time, we have a special support plan for inventory mobile LED advertising trailers. According to the market feedback of our dealers, we will reserve a certain amount of finished or semi-finished mobile LED display trailer products. In this case, our mobile LED display trailer delivery time can be reduced to 10 ~ 15 days.
What kind of applications will my mobile LED billboard trailer attend?
  • You can use MOBO mobile LED billboard trailer into many outdoor and indoor events like concerts, graduations ceremonies, scoreboards, golf tournaments, demo-days, fairs, movie nights, watch parties, weddings, races, marathons, charity events, political campaigns and much more.
Are your mobile LED display trailers durable? How about the warranty?
  • MOBO has durable materials to build mobile LED billboard trailer for you. However, we can not guarantee that there will be no problems in life long time. We give two year warranty time to our clients and suggest you to make regular maintenance of the mobile LED billboard trailer. We will give life long after-sale service beyond the warranty. MOBO can also expand the warranty if your project has this regulation.
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