LED Screen Trailer Has Big Opportunities For Live Events Outside After Covid-19 Pandemic

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The COVID -19 pandemic has been disastrous for many types of business but the entertainment industry has been hit harder than most. Undoubtedly some of these will eventually recover but whether we will fully ever get back to “normal” is still unknown.

The truth is that it seems likely that we will regain some sort of normality but it is very over optimistic to believe that we will get back to pre Covid days anytime soon. Live events outside that generally attract thousands of people, such as live sport and music festivals seem unlikely to be able to go ahead in the same way as they did before the pandemic.

One thing is for sure. People are desperate to get back out there to the pubs, sporting events, music festivals and theater performances. Everyone is looking forward to the relaxation of the lockdown rules and it seems very likely that watching live events outside is going to become even more popular. Gathering outside is far safer than mingling indoors so the trend towards favoring outdoor activities seems likely to continue for the next few years.

However, even mixing outside has to be balanced with risk. According to best selling author and neuroscientist David Meerman Scott, all humans crave social interaction – it is hardwired into our DNA, but the fear of the virus will definitely affect the way we view attending big events.

As he says, “A lot of people won’t feel comfortable coming to events because of the risk, even though it might be small.”

More virtual participation at live events

Industry insiders predict that 2021 going forward will see the rise of the virtual event combined with a live event. Just as we have all become accustomed to socializing on Zoom, the live festival seems likely to become a hybrid of a live event with maybe a couple of performers and attractions, linked by LED video streaming from other locations.

David Adler, CEO of BizBash, says that the future of large events outside, such a music festivals is likely to lead to smaller satellite events complementing bigger gatherings. So for example if the main event is held in Texas, you may have smaller hubs in Philadelphia, Dallas, and Seattle where all the various festivals can access some of the performances via live broadcast as well as see other performers playing in the satellite location. David Adler calls this a hub and spoke model.

A Mobile LED trailer makes the hybrid music festival possible

For anyone planning a music festival, this idea of linking up with other events or live performance via a video screen could be a financial life saver. It enables a music festival to be held on a much smaller scale yet still attract good ticket sales drawn by the promise of seeing top class performers.

And now that we have all become accustomed to engaging via video, the mobile LED screen looks likely to become increasingly popular for many different types of event.

A mobile LED trailer such as our MB-16 mobile LED billboard trailer would be the perfect partner for a hybrid music festival. The screen can be easily set up in any location such as a park, field, city centre or beach and can bring the whole live experience, complete with the superior sound system direct to your local area so that thousands of people can enjoy it.

This type of festival captures the buzz of the major event without compromising safety. Travel restrictions and ticket prices are out of reach to many people, especially as so many are struggling with budgets right now, so a live festival via an LED video screen near to home is the perfect solution.

A Mobile LED screen is fantastic for sporting events.

This does not just apply to music festivals. Major sporting events such as the World Cup 2022, the Olympics, Formula 1, and EUFA 2020 (now moved to June 2021) are all likely to suffer from low ticket sales due to travel restrictions as well as the fear of the virus.

An LED video trailer can turn every major sporting event into a local event held in your local area. For example very few people can afford to attend a major occasion such as EUFA Euro 2020. This has been rescheduled to take place in June 2021 and has been eagerly awaited by football mad Europe for over a year.

Watching the live action via a big outdoors screen will be a fantastic way to follow the tournament. And any entertainment venue with a mobile LED screen will lead to increased profits and sales far beyond simply showing the matches from a venue’s TV system.

Preparing for the World Cup 2022 is also something to think about now. This time it is taking place in November so if you are based in the Southern hemisphere, the weather will be perfect for staging an event outside based on football.

What better way is there for cheering on the Socceroos from home than watching the live action with like minded people via a high quality LED video screen? Even better your audience can enjoy a few beers while they soak up the atmosphere.

MOBO produces the perfect medium for live event broadcasting to suit all sizes of venue. For a smaller venue, the MB-5 LED Trailer would be the perfect size. It is easily big enough to broadcast to a large audience such as in a beer garden. For larger gatherings, you may find that a larger LED screen trailer is necessary. It all depends upon your own requirements and budget.

Live cultural events such as opera, ballet, music shows also work very well in the live stream video format. In many ways the experience is superior to watching live from the festival hall or opera house because it means the audience can enjoy a picnic at the same time as watching, making the cultural experience far more accessible to all.

Using a mobile LED screen for publicity and advertising

LED mobile screens are already popular and they seem likely to become increasingly popular over the next few years for a range of entertainment purposes that go far beyond just showing the latest event. A digital billboard screen for example is perfect for OOH (out of home) advertising medium as it can be taken directly to your customers wherever they may be.

Setting up your mobile digital billboard screen is a fantastic way to create interest in an advertising campaign and is something that all major companies are taking very seriously.

It is especially valuable following the COVID 19 pandemic as the trend for staying close to home and local events means that today’s advertising has to come to the customer direct even when they are outside their homes.

Operating a digital billboard screen gives you the chance to capitalize on this new direction of video advertising and can be a good money making opportunity. Whether your ad campaign involves a simple LED banner to publicize a product or event, or you set up the mobile LED screen in a busy shopping mall to show advertising videos, you can be sure to reach a fantastic number of new customers.

Using a digital billboard also works perfectly for advertising a video live screen event as it shows prospective ticket buyers just how amazing this entertainment format can be.

So what does the future hold for the mobile LED screen market?

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way that we view the world, how we socialize and how we communicate, maybe forever. We have all become wary of attending massive spreader events yet with our human need for human interaction, most of us can’t wait to make up for lost time once the restrictions are lifted.

This creates a conflict that can be eased by the use of LED Mobile video screens as it enables people to attend large events safely via a video format.

This means future of the mobile LED screen market is very optimistic. This medium enables people to take part and enjoy entertainment and sporting events but fits in perfectly with travel restrictions and concerns about attending large events in person. In addition, it ties in with the new trend of virtual entertainment online.

An LED Video Trailer enables you to profit from this trend.

Investing in an LED video trailer enables you to profit from this new trend for virtual entertainment. It brings the world to your customers and enables your audience to participate in major events without moving too far away from home. A LED video trailer is the perfect post Covid entertainment medium.

After all there are so many opportunities for creating great events outside. Movie nights, sport events, golf, horse racing, music festivals, shows , classical performances , the list is endless and with a population starved of live entertainment , it is the perfect time to ride this trend.


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