Mobile LED screen trailer: reducing the vacancy rate of large outdoor LED screen

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In recent years, the high cost of investment in the large outdoor screen has left advertising companies facing vacancy rates. Outdoor LED display must be transformed from technology to business model with innovation. Mobile LED screen trailer has been a product that effectively solves the vacancy rate of large outdoor LED screen.

According to the research of relevant institutions, almost 70% of outdoor LED advertising enterprises are in a state of loss. 15% of enterprises are in break-even, and only 15% of companies are profitable. What’s worse, more than 70% of LED outdoor advertising display vacancy rate is as high as 70%-80%. This research has revealed the whole LED outdoor advertising industry in an embarrassing situation.

Why does outdoor LED display has high vacancy rate?

Outdoor digital LED display has high leasing price.

Big outdoor LED screen is mainly built in major cities and the core business district. The cost of an LED display construction is much higher with municipalities, leasing, approval, and other process. You have to spend money on each step. It results in some outdoor advertising companies are unwilling to easily get involved in outdoor LED display business.

Therefore, the rental price of outdoor LED screen advertising is also very expensive. The high price of outdoor LED screen makes its advertising positioning naturally go high end. Many advertising companies and advertisers operating outdoor advertising business discouraged to use outdoor LED screen.

Traditional LED display is losing attraction to consumers.

 Large size outdoor LED screen used to be the super star in outdoor advertising market. It was so hot that almost every city has a ‘Times Square’. However, traditional outdoor LED screen seems not to be so sharp in people’s mind. More and more old outdoor LED display are losing the attention of the target users.

(1) Traditional LED display has poor viewing experience
Most outdoor LED displays are installed on the building which has higher position. Many people could not focus their eyes on display contents when they are far from the screen. When they walk close to the LED screen, the screen is above their heads . The viewing experience is very bad.

Some outdoor LED screen are out of maintenance. There are blind lights or black panels on the screen. Some panels have flat cable problems. Moreover, some LED screen has luminous decay problem and the advertising video on screen is difficult to see. In the fierce market competition, some enterprises use low quality LED screens to save cost. As a result, the viewing experience is worse.

(2) Traditional large LED screen has sound pollution or restriction
Sound is also a major bottleneck that restricts the effect of outdoor LED screen advertising. Due to the special location in the core business district of the city, the city does not allow the big LED broadcasting or advertising with sound. This trouble has reduced the awareness of consumers and affected the effect of LED screen advertising.

The contradiction between large LED screen and the living environment of the residents is also becoming more and more important. LED screen noise pollution has been reported in many cities. LED screen advertising should not affect the quality of lives of the surrounding residents. Every outdoor LED display advertisers need to take this problem into consideration.

Big LED screen on shopping mall

The competition of new creative screens and other media.

There are more and more creative outdoor LED display products like transparent LED screen, customized shape LED screen, light pole screen, and energy-saving LED screen. In such a context, traditional large LED screens need to stimulate the market and attract more advertisers.

With the explosion of the Internet like digital advertising, advertisers are increasingly demanding on the effect and returns of advertising. New outdoor advertising media have also sprung up such as high-speed train advertising, high-definition 3D large-screen holographic projection advertising and so on. These new outdoor media has been entering the original outdoor advertising media market.

How can trailer mounted LED screen reduce the screen vacancy rate?

Mobile LED screen trailer has beautiful shape and eye-catching design.

LED screen trailer has more exquisite shape than other types of large outdoor screen. While people are tired of traditional shape of outdoor LED display, the advertising on LED screen is no longer impressive in consumers’ mind.

People will always automatically filter the advertising display content that they see. But LED screen trailer is a perfect combination of mechanical design with mounted outdoor LED display. It has a beautiful body streamline, a bright painting, and unique lifter structure.

After the trailer screen is lifted, the height of the digital LED display is just above the height of the person. People can see the trailer LED display hanging over the ground. People also will put more attention on the innovative trailer LED display and the advertising content played.

MOBO LED screen trailer with good shape

LED screen trailer has high mobility and flexible application.

 The majority of outdoor large LED screen is fixed installation and they can not be relocated. This limitation has greatly reduced the efficiency of LED display in space. LED display trailer can be flexible to take the LED display on trailer to the right place to for advertising or live broadcasting. Whenever you need the mobile LED screen trailer, it can be played at any time. The operation of LED trailer is also very convenient. Therefore, LED screen trailer can meet more customer requirements, which will also greatly reduce the vacancy rate of the LED display.

MOBO MB-16 LED billboard trailer on road

Mobile LED billboard trailer has targeted advertising content and accurate reach. 

Many outdoor large screens are not working based on improving targeted advertising. It is mainly because that the outdoor large screens have more location restrictions. Majority of outdoor screens like wall LED display can only be fixed in a certain place.

Therefore, many large outdoor LED screens have lost the opportunity to precisely reach customer groups. Mobile LED screen trailers, on the other hand, can selectively broadcast advertising content at different sites. By matching consumers more precisely, mobile LED screen trailer can maximize the efficiency and accuracy of outdoor digital advertising.

Mobile LED screen has low investment cost and long service life. 

The movable LED trailer has relatively low investment cost compared to the outdoor large screen. The service life is as long as outdoor LED large screen. Therefore, it is very easy for you to make profit in the advertising campaigns. The low cost and high flexibility of mobile LED screen trailer allows you to get more projects. It can also reduces the operating cost for you. It has excellent performance in reducing LED screen vacancy rate.

Mobile digital LED screen trailer has less competition in the market. 

LED screen trailer is still a niche product in the big outdoor LED display market. The competition is less fierce than ordinary outdoor LED displays. Therefore investing in outdoor LED advertising trailers can make a difference to your business.

In many events, LED billboard screen trailers are more attractive than outdoor rental LED displays. At the same time, mobile trailer LED display screens have a very low screen vacancy rate. With such a low level of competition, your investment risk is also greatly reduced.


Higher outdoor LED screen vacancy rates has been making investors stressed when buying or building outdoor LED displays. Instead of spending a lot of money on risky outdoor screens, buying a mobile LED display trailer is also a good LED product investment.

You can operate this business in a simple way. Moreover, this LED screen trailer can meet most of the outdoor LED screen events. It is very helpful to help you reduce the LED screen vacancy rate, thus making your income more substantial as well.


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