Why All Universities and Colleges Need a Mobile LED Billboard Trailer

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When it comes to creating the best experience for learning and for disseminating information on the campus, the LED mobile trailer should be considered an essential part of any university or college’s armory of technological equipment.

The LED mobile trailer is a fantastic way to pass on information. It is ideal for special events such as graduation ceremonies. It is perfect for live screening sport events and ideal for bringing lectures and special events live, to the university campus. The list of potential uses for a mobile LED billboard screen on campus is practically endless.

These days, many universities and colleges are looking into hiring LED screens because this medium offers so many possibilities. However if you are considering doing this for your own university or college, it is important to choose the LED screen that is most versatile and adaptable to the needs of your campus.

First up, let’s take a look at why a mobile LED screen is so ideal for universities and colleges and the sort of activities you can do with this technology.

MB-16 LED Trailer in 2021 Muskogee High School Commencement Ceremony

Special Events in University

An LED screen helps bring special events to life. Whether it is an open day, a graduation ceremony or a major college event, a mobile LED screen can be positioned in the best area for broadcast and used to pass on vital information.

Whether you want to present the day’s timetable of events, or film and broadcast an event to a wider audience, you can use a mobile LED screen to pass on this information.

There are always special events taking place on the typical university campus. Whether you want to enable your students to get behind university sporting events or you wish to live stream an academic occasion, an LED screen can bring it to life and make it happen.

Education and Training

Today’s students are part of the digital age so they expect a high level of technological standards too. An LED screen which can be used for lectures and informative talks gives your students access to the world outside of your campus.

Guest speakers, scientific discoveries, field trips and other educational content can be broadcasted to students, adding greater impact to the educational process. A film or video brings education to life and provides a collective experience which fuels interest and engagement in coursework.

Information Sign in Campus

The average university or college campus is like a small town and with thousands of student residents it can be hard to reach all of them at any one time.

An LED screen set up at the heart of the campus can be used to pass on vital information such as safety messages as well as keep students informed of what is happening on campus.

Helping students to engage with campus life is an important part of the university and college experience. A mobile LED billboard has an immediate impact and helps create a unified atmosphere across your university or college.  

MOBO MB-5 LED screen trailer in China college

Why a mobile LED trailer screen is better than fixed LED screen in university campus.

A mobile LED trailer screen is far more versatile than a fixed LED screen. It enables the user to move it to wherever it is required and is ideal for both outdoors and inside usage. Once your display or event is over, the mobile LED screen can be neatly packed away in its trailer until it is next required.

In addition, a mobile screen does not need to be fixed to the fabric of a building.

Many universities occupy traditional historic buildings and fixing an LED screen to an historic wall could damage fragile brickwork. This not only spoils the appearance of historic architecture, it is likely to incur the wrath of students and teaching staff who prefer the look of the traditional, historic building.

Some university properties are listed buildings too so in some instances it would require planning permission to permanently attach an LED screen to a wall. Even if this is not an issue in your particular university or college, this is an expensive process that will cost far more than a mobile LED screen which is self supporting so does not need any professional installation.

The advantages of a mobile LED screen trailer on campus

There are numerous advantages of using a mobile LED screen trailer on campus, rather than investing in a fixed video wall or LED screen in one location.

One of the most important is that you can take the mobile screen to your audience, rather than having them come to one specific location. This means that you can use a mobile LED screen far more often than simply reserving it for lectures in a hall.

A mobile screen is adaptable. It can be used both indoors and outside. Whether you want to use it to screen billboard safety messages outside or want to live screen a concert taking place at a far location, you have these possibilities.

A mobile LED screen is extremely versatile. You can use it for just about anything from showing college football matches, to using it for open days or any other purpose where you need to entertain or inform people.

Videos, billboard notices, live streaming events can all be carried out in the appropriate location so a mobile LED screen can be deployed in the areas of maximum impact.

A mobile LED screen is very easy to use. Unlike using a fixed position rental LED screen, you do not need a team of professionals to set it up for you. Your mobile screen can easily be handled by just one person and it requires very little training to operate. This not only keeps costs down, it means that it requires very little forward planning when you decide that you need it.

MOBO MB-5 LED trailer in Australia university event

The mobile LED screen trailer is far more cost effective than using other screen options

The mobile LED screen trailer is the most cost effective option for video and billboard display.

Although there are plenty of companies out there who will provide your university or college with a video screen for rental, doing this is expensive and will require that you order in advance.

When you own your own mobile LED screen trailer, you can use it for a range of applications, without dipping into your budget.

A mobile LED screen trailer is also more adaptable than hiring a fixed video wall from a hire company. Although the end result to the viewers is impressive, this is an expensive way of doing it. You need to factor in the expense of the professional company to install and dismantle the screen as well as the rental costs so is not something the average university can afford to do too often.

By contrast, a mobile LED screen trailer is far less expensive than going down the route of renting an LED screen from a professional rental hire company and it gives you far more freedom of usage.

Why does every university and college need a mobile LED video screen?

Even the most traditional universities pride themselves on delivering a first class education which is suitable for the modern age. Despite the popular image of some universities being tradition based dusty seats of learning; in truth all universities embrace modern technology.

This is a competitive field after all so to attract high calibre students, your university does need to show that it is fully onboard with cutting edge technology.

Universities and colleges represent the highest standards of education and technology so a suitably high quality LED screen is important for delivering the best in education, information and entertainment.

Today’s students are unlikely to be engaged without the use of up to date technology. Bought up in the digital age, they will expect a high quality of modern technological aids, so all universities do require some way of screening large scale videos. This is an expensive although necessary investment for all colleges and universities.

When you invest in a mobile LED screen trailer, you can be confident that your technology is fit for purpose.  And even though your particular university may be founded on hundreds of years of tradition it is crucial that this is combined with all the technical advances of the age.

With a mobile LED trailer your university or college will display a forward thinking attitude that can only have benefits for the students as well as your institution.

To find out more about mobile LED trailers for universities and colleges contact us now and find out how we can best fulfil your requirements.

LED screen trailer in university

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