Why Mobile LED Screen Trailers Are Getting Popular On Small Islands

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If you live on a small island you already know the advantages and the disadvantages of being part of an island community.

The good things include factors such as a slower pace of life, spectacular scenery and coastline and an enviable position where you are separate from the mainland or larger islands without being cut off from the world. And in many cases tourism is a major island industry, so the world comes to you, rather than you having to leave your wonderful surroundings.

Many islands such as the Maldives, Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, New Caledonia and the Caribbean islands such as the Bahamas rely on their tourist industry. And for islands within Europe such as the Canaries, the Balearic Islands, the Azores or Corsica, tradition is combined with tourism. All islands have a strong community that in most cases runs parallel with the tourist industry.

However, there are disadvantages to island life too. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with modern day technology and obtain products as everything has to be delivered across the water by boat or plane leading to additional expense and hassle. And if you are hosting events on your island it is important that your island already has much infrastructure in place as possible.

MB-12 LED screen trailer in island

Keeping up with modern LED media technology

One such issue is with movie screening and LED displays. Mobile LED screens are getting popular on small islands because of their versatility and portability. These days’ people expect high standards of screening, such as a superior visual display and a bright clear high resolution screen that matches and exceeds the capabilities of a home TV so a giant LED screen has to fulfill these high expectations too.

There are many issues with ordering a fixed LED screen that requires installation in a permanent location. On a small island this is not only expensive and labour intensive, there is not always an obvious location where it s best placed for everyone to see it. By contrast, a mobile LED screen is fully self supporting so it does not require installation in a large hall or building specifically set aside for the purpose. And because a mobile LED screen can be moved to different locations and set up wherever it is needed, it is ideal for a wide range of uses.

You can mount a mobile LED screen in a town square for example on one night to show a blockbuster movie, and the next day the same screen can be transported to a town on the other side of the island and used for a totally different purpose such as a music festival, advertising campaign, a local attraction, sporting competition or anything else.

None of this would be possible with a fixed LED screen that restricted to viewing to just one location. In addition, the costs of hiring an LED screen in your island could be prohibitive. For island communities situated in the Pacific this would not even be possible. And even for islands with easy access to the mainland or busy populations centers, such as the smaller Canary Islands, the rental cost would have to factor in transportation via ferry, thus adding to costs.

people on islands are watching TV broadcasting

What are the advantages of a mobile trailer LED screen specifically for islands?

  • A mobile trailer LED screen is perfect for indoor or outdoors use and for all weather. Because the LED screen is sharp and clear in all lighting conditions, it can be used on the beach in bright sunlight and is equally effective for night screening. Many islands experience a wide range of weather conditions and your portable trailer can also be used in wet weather as well as hot sunny conditions.
  • A mobile trailer LED screen has a fantastic return on investment. Whether you are a local government, town hall or a private operator you can hire out the mobile unit to businesses and events such as local resort events, for weddings, movie nights, advertising or any other purpose. In addition it is a great way to publicize attractions, information and official events taking place on the island.
  • A mobile LED screen is easy to transport. The trailers are easy to tow and are manufactured to an extremely high standard. You won’t need to worry about transporting the mobile unit to difficult to reach locations such as high winding roads or inaccessible beaches; if you can reach an area by road, your portable LED trailer will get there too. All MOBO trailers are fully compliant with the road regulations in your country and because they feature a sleek aerodynamic trailer design they are less cumbersome than many other types of vehicle trailer.
  • A mobile screen trailer is a fantastic way to promote island events. Eye catching, attention grabbing and immediate, you can use it to publicize upcoming occasions. It is also ideal for supporting all types of sporting competition such as surfing, golf, hang gliding or anything else where you need to show video clips and scores.
MB-12 LED screen trailer is playing video on islands
  • Portable mobile LED screens are easy to set up. You don’t need a team of workers to erect the screen because it can be handled by just one person with no special training, and all from the comfort of the cab or the trailer ( depending on the model).
  • A portable LED screen trailer is a cost effective way of erecting an LED screen. Even if you never move the screen and use it in one position only, it is far easier to install than fixing the screen to one permanent wall. Installing a permanent video wall or LED screen would be far more expensive when it comes to labour costs and materials.
  • It is important to remember that just because you live on an island, there is no need to miss out on modern technology. An LED screen can be used for a limitless range of purposes, whether it is screening a local event or competition involving your community, broadcasting international sporting events such as the World Cup or anything where you want to bring the community together.
MB-10 LED screen trailer in Singapore

How you can benefit from a mobile LED screen trailer on your island?

Island communities need to be adaptable and self sufficient. Throughout their long history there is usually a “can do” attitude because inhabitants know that they are cut off from the wider world so have to do things themselves. All islands share this mentality and whether your island is situated in the remote seas of the Pacific, the Atlantic, the South Seas or the Mediterranean, you already know that materials and labour can be difficult to source and are expensive because of transport costs.

A mobile LED screen trailer fits perfectly into this narrative. It enables a small island to keep up with the utmost standards of technology and brings the best of modern advances in sound and screening right to your island community.

If your small island does not yet have a mobile LED screen trailer, you will certainly get a fantastic return upon your investment. Any business or entrepreneur can start a profitable business that fulfills a very necessary function on your island.
In addition a mobile LED screen trailer is a very good investment for any forward thinking town hall or local council. It is so versatile and useful that it will benefit the whole community as well as support local tourism.

LED screen trailer in island concert event

Where do I get a mobile LED screen trailer?

The best way to get a mobile LED screen trailer is to buy the whole unit directly from us in China. That way you can take advantage of low prices without going through a third party agent and you can obtain the best mobile LED screen trailer for your particular needs.

China is the world leading manufacturer of LED screen brands of all sizes and pixel quality. MOBO partners with the leading LED screen manufacturers in China and mounts superior quality LED screens onto high quality trailers providing a professional solution to customers.

All MOBO trailers are fully compliant with road regulations of your islands and are manufactured to a very high standard of excellence. Easy to use, move and operate they feature many extras including hydraulic lifting gear, good looking design and the utmost in portability.

Once you have your mobile LED screen trailer operational on your island you will be able to enjoy the great benefits that this technology can bring to your community and your tourism industry.

Profitable as well as practical, isn’t it time that your island moved into the future with a mobile LED trailer?

MOBO LED display trailer waiting for delivery

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