Mobile Digital Billboard Trailer: The Ultimate Guide of Business Application

Mobile LED display trailer is a creative LED display which can be applied in many indoor and outdoor activities. Unlike operating utility trailer s or food cart trailers, LED screen trailer has its own business area especially outdoor advertising and events. Many customers are very interested in this product, but they don’t have a complete concept of its application scope. Would you want make more money with the led billboard trailer?

As famous billboard trailer manufacturer, we have collected many successful customers’ experience and cases of operating led display trailer. Through the following successful applications, you will learn how to use and make more money with portable LED sign trailer.

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Outdoor concert

Mobile digital billboard trailer is your best partner for holding outdoor concerts in your city. Our customers have applied two 5m by 3m trailer LED billboard in an Australia outdoor concerts. The result is amazing. These two trailers has played a very good visual effect.

You can use the LED signs on trailers as the main stage background in music festivals and concerts. What’s more, you can locate trailers on both sides of the stage. The audience will have a better visual experience, and the trailer will create more charming atmosphere.

MB-5 mobile LED display broadcasting in live musical festival

Your LED display can provide warm-up video before the concert starts. Audience will mot feel bored while waiting for the concert begins. More importantly, the mobile LED billboard display can do live broadcast and expand the visual space of concert performance. This can make your activities more high-end, rich in visual and artistic elements. You will hold a successful outdoor stage performances, concerts and music festivals.

We suggest that you reasonably set the rental price of the mobile digital billboard trailer. You will become a long-term partner of many outdoor small and medium size concerts, and you will have loyal customers in the city.

Brand promotion

Brand promotion is one of the important sources of income for your mobile LED screen trailer. You can use it to serve food and beverage, telecommunication, bank insurance, hotel, health care, education, sports and other enterprises and brands.

mobile led video screens can help brands or enterprises to find right marketing methods in the competitive business environment and build the link between consumers and brands. As long as you put the trailer near to the potential customers, the mobile LED screen trailer can attract consumers’ attention with attractive texts, animation and product ads videos.

MOBO MB-5 mobile LED display plays advertising on street

The trailer mounted led screen in public places can give people a more profound brand impression than Internet ads video. Mobile LED screen trailer has been proved to be one of the most perfect solution for product marketing. To be simple, you can use the LED screen on wheels to serve the following customers:

1. Beer and beverage
2. Fast food
3. School
4. Automobile
5. Real estate
6. Furniture
7. Banking and insurance
8. Home appliances
9. Games
10. Telecommunication
11. Cosmetics

Outdoor Movie

Your mobile digital billboard trailer has more advantages than traditional projectors for outdoor movie. In many countries like United States, people are happy to enrich their lives by watching open-air movies. Lying on the sofa at home or watching a movie in a theater seat is no more romantic.Instead, some groups usually gather audiences on the Internet and arrange for them to meet in parks, empty parking lots or other public places to watch open-air movies.

Most movie are played by projectors, which can only work in the evening. If you want to watch a movie at day time, you have to go to the cinema. Enclosed spaces are not comfortable. Mobile LED movie trailer is a good solution to solve such a problem. You can put the trailer anywhere you feel comfortable like a square, a beach, or a park space.

MOBO MB-10 LED screen trailer attending outdoor event

You can use MOBO MB-15 trailer or larger trailer mounted led screen for outdoor movies. The trailer can be ready to play movie in 15 minutes. You do not need to build outdoor screens in various places. This will greatly improve your working efficiency of setting outdoor movies. The trailer screen has much high brightness than projectors. And the trailer can not only work in the daytime, but also can lower brightness and work in the evening. With MOBO MB-16 LED billboard trailer, you will get more outdoor movie activities as a priority.

Sports Broadcast

Sports events are one of the most common activities with MOBO LED sign trailer. You can use the portable led signs to display the rolling timing of the game in real time. You can carry out live video to display the results of the match. You can manually switch text, pictures, animation, live images.

In many countries, outdoor sport matches are becoming more and more popular. Many indoor gymnasiums are not easy to construct large size display screen considering fixed installation and more wiring works. There are also many sites that have no way to build LED display. Sometimes, it is even difficult to build a temporary LED display.

Now the advantages of your portable advertising signs on wheels can be reflected. Due to its small size and small footprint, your mobile electronic sign boards can be used in any sports event you want. For example, you can use the portable electronic billboard trailer for horse racing, boating, UAV, basketball, football, diving, swimming and so on.

MB-12 mobile trailer in outdoor sport

Portable electronic billboard trailer has high brightness, clear and visible videos under strong sunshine. It is also moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and heat dissipation. You can use this trailer which adapts to the possible humid, rainy and high-temperature weather. The portable electronic sign board trailer has an audio interface and it can be combined with the audio in the venue. You can also use its own audio to achieve the function of audio-visual synchronization.

MOBO led mobile trailers has been widely used in the sports industry. It can fully meet the functional requirements of most live sports broadcast. You can carry out outdoor live broadcast, transfer TV signals, and even use software to edit some live sports video programs. It has more advantages than the traditional fixed installation outdoor LED screen and rental LED display.

MOBO MB-10 led screen trailer is broadcasting in football match

Seaside Entertainment

Seaside activities are becoming more and more popular. Many people like to lie on the beach, enjoy the sunshine, and relax themselves. However, you can not easily set up LED screens on the side of the beach due to special terrain constraints such as soft sands. In addition, you have to solve the problem of continuous power supply required by the outdoor display.

LED display trailer near seaside

By using the mobile led trailer, you will be able to get this niche market business. With galvanized design, the chassis of our MOBO trailers has anti-corrosion function. And the trailer stabilizers are specially designed for the beach to support the whole trailer and LED screen. You can use the on board generator to play the screen. It has small size, light weight and very low noise. The on-board generator can supply electricity for the screen more than 8 hours.

So you’ll be able to provide better visual and auditory experience for tourists on the beach. Whether it’s a movie, a video, or an interactive karaoke, you will bring a lot of fun for tourists with this mobile LED screen trailer.

Business Meetings and Training

A lot of meetings are now held both indoor and outdoor training. Many activities need to quickly build a convenient LED display outside. Traditional outdoor rental LED screen often needs a bracket for fixed installation. It is not convenient for you to relocate the traditional LED screens.

Your mobile led wall trailer can break the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and can move to the place you want to stay at any time. It can be placed in an indoor conference hall, or in an outdoor mobile tent or lawn.

MB-10 mobile led screen for indoor exhibition and meeting

Whether indoor or outdoor, the portable advertising signs can provide better visual effects and transmit various display information. The trailer mounted screen can provide high resolution. Through computer connection, it can display different kinds of file information contents like docs, PowerPoint or PDF. The trailer speakers can meet the audio requirements of most activities. Of course, you can also connect additional professional audio equipment to make your meetings more convenient and efficient.

Charity and NGO Activities

Nowadays, there are various fund-raising activities in every city and some donation or publicity activities conducted by other NGO organizations. Your mobile digital signage is very helpful for these events. It is very important to publicize the theme and purpose of their activities. You shall assist tot show their donations and activities which can help people in need. The trailer mounted digital billboard and audio will work it out.

MB-5 is advertising on public streets

From our customer’s case and feedback, portable billboard sign trailer also play a very positive role in this activity. The cost of LED mobile digital advertising sign trailer is lower than outdoor rental LED display. The mobility of digital sign on trailer also greatly improves the efficiency. What’s more, the structure of the trailer display is also very distinctive. You shall make the most of the content to attract the attention of the audience.

Moreover, these NGO activities and charitable fund-raising organizations often have more than one activity. In different cities and at different times, they will hold a variety of activities and events. They will also be your long-term partners.

LED display trailer for outdoor Government and NGO


You shall not ignore the application of mobile led video wall trailer in weddings. The arrangement of mobile LED screen trailer in the wedding ceremony can be divided into two forms: outdoor layout and indoor layout. The brightness of trailer LED screen can be adjusted to fit indoor lighting. In the outdoor scene, you can place it in the best position to highlight the video or image content to be displayed.

Couples can choose to hold the wedding on the lawn. A three-dimensional arch design is made in the middle. Flowers are installed on both sides. The digital billboard screen shows these photos and videos of the new couple. This will make the wedding more powerful. The guests on site truly feel the happiness and sense of the new couple, then it will produce a great visual effect.

mobile LED trailer for outdoor events

Mobile digital LED billboard trailer has the following advantages in wedding ceremony:
1. Mobile LED billboard can be arranged indoor and outdoor
Mobile LED sign on trailer has good quality in image resolution and definition. Due to its high brightness, you don’t have to worry about whether the wedding is indoor or outdoor. Wedding guests can see it clearly from any place.

2. Portable mobile LED sign trailer can provide new forms of entertainment
Besides playing wedding video, LED signs on trailers can also be used for other purposes such as an interactive display for guests. With the natural eye-catching ability of LED display, the trailer will really attract the attention of guests. The message you want to convey will be seen by most guests at your wedding events.

3. The size of trailer LED display screen can be selected
The advantage of mobile portable LED billboard trailer is that you can customize the size. You don’t have to worry about the size and location. The trailer screen can be built according to the size you need, so as to meet the size requirement from different customers.

4. User friendly, easy to operate
Although the LED display trailer may look complicated, it’s indeed easy to use. You will always have different connection options to choose from, and the screen generally supports DVI, HDMI, VGA and HD-SDI interfaces.

5. Mobile LED display shows a sense of luxury to your wedding
Our mobile LED display trailer has exquisite modeling design with white and sacred color. You use LED trailer to take the wedding event to the next level. In fact, the cost of mobile digital signage display is not as expensive as expected.

6. Provide unlimited creativity for your wedding team
The advantage of using a movable LED display trailer in wedding is high creativity. To make sure your wedding more memorable, you can use MOBO LED video wall trailers to show whatever clients want.

School Open Day

Open Days is very important for school to promote their strengths and give parents an insightful chance to learn about the schools they are considering for their children. You shall make the most of trailer LED advertising signs to attend the Open Day and make it a special event for all families involved.

After you gathered all parents together, you shall have a portable LED billboard display to show all the fantastic work that your school has accomplished. Remember to prepare good video, image, and exciting texts on LED screen to inspire your prospective families. It is the best time to teach them what their child will achieve at your school through the LED displays.

The best place to put the portable electronic sign is beside the stage and in front of the chair seas. The beautiful trailer shape and lifting LED screen can attract parents’ sight. The trailer can improve the quality of the ceremony and make all participants feel exquisite. In this way, you will have a much more meaningful and fruitful Open Day event.

MOBO MB-5 LED trailer in Australia university event

Festival Campaign

When holiday and festival season comes, the streets are full of festival marketing material. Every merchant is trying to get a piece of people’s crazy spending through email, social media, TV ads and other related advertising channels. Mobile led advertising trailer is one of your most competitive outdoor promoting equipment to make money.

Festivals are full of branding and promoting demands. You can use digital advertising signs on trailers for their street promoting campaigns. There are also many dancing performance in small events and big events from government or other organizations. It is also your business opportunity to lease your advertising sign trailer.

MB-10 trailer in Christmas events promoting

MOBO mobile digital LED billboard trailers will be more attractive for many business owner and event planners. Your price will be competitive and you will give them a convenient solution for them to put ads anywhere on the street corner or activity place like parks and plazas.

MB-5 LED display trailer in outdoor small ceremony


Mobile led trailer has a wider range of applications. Besides outdoor concert, brand promotion, outdoor movie, sports broadcast, seaside entertainment, business meetings&training, charity and NGO activities, wedding, school open day, festival, hospital events, our customers continue to explore more creative marketing service for all kinds of industry business owners.

If you are sensitive to the business marketing, you will have more and more business with MOBO high end LED screen trailer. This will grow your business at local and make your service competitive.


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