MOBO LED display trailer: DIP or SMD LED screen?

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Most of MOBO mobile LED displays are made of SMD (Surface Mounted Devices). The main advantage of SMD LED display is the good visual effect when you play videos on trailer.

However, DIP (dual inline-pin package) LED display also has its own advantages. We can also build DIP mobile LED display for you in special situations. Let’s compare SMD LED display screen with DIP LED display.

Difference between SMD and DIP single LED lamp

The first photo shows the outline of two typical full-color SMD LED module and DIP LED module.

DIP LED lamp in the second photo has an overall dimension of 3mm×4.1mm×6.3mm for each lamp . One lamp only has a single color chip built in. You need three lamps (red, green and blue lamp) to assemble together to form a pixel of the full-color outdoor display screen.

SMD lamp in the second photo has an overall dimension of 5mm×5mm×2.5mm. Actually this single SMD lamp has three chips inside, namely red, green and blue. These three chips make up a pixel of the outdoor display screen.

the LED lamp structure of SMD and DIP

The size of SMD lamp is much smaller than DIP lamp. Due to the limitation of the DIP lamp diameter, pixel pitch 6mm (P6) is almost the smallest for DIP LED display. Most of DIP LED displays are P8, P10, P12, P16, P20 and so on.

If you want Other P5, P4 and even higher density outdoor LED display screens, SMD LD display will be the best solution. MOBO trailer can offer you with much clear mobile LED display by SMD technology.

Comparison of SMD and DIP LED lamp welding

The figure shows the welding methods of the two kinds of lamps.

You can see the welding methods of the two lamps are different. SMD pad and PCB pad are welded by surface contact. This process is suitable for large-scale mechanized production.

DIP lamp is welded after passing through the pad hole on PCB board. The welding firmness of DIP LED display should be better than that of the SMD. The welding process of DIP module mainly includes lamp inserting, welding and foot cutting. Although there are special automation machinery, DIP production efficiency is still lower than SMD.

Welding method of SMD LED and DIP LED

In fact, SMD lamp is prone to false soldering as well as poor contact during transportation and use. This shortage of SMD may bring trouble to the usage and maintenance. This is especially important when the outdoor environment is bad. Therefore, ensuring the SMD lamp welding quality is one of the key factors when you buy mobile SMD LED display.

Different sealing method of SMD and DIP module

The figure shows the sealing methods of SMD and DIP modules. Actually the sealing method of the two lamp panels is almost the same. At present, most of the materials used are silica gel.

However, you can find that the thickness of silica gel of SMD and DIP lamp panels is quite different. The thickness of SMD is about 1 mm ~ 1.5 mm, and the thickness of DIP is about 3.5 mm ~ 4.5 mm.

Therefore, DIP LED display has better sealing protection for lamp and PCB board. Of course, sealing quality is also related to the pouring process of LED display manufacturer.

DIP and SMD sealing with different thickness of silica gel

SMD LED display screen can be selected for high density requirements and good environment. For low density requirements and harsh use environment, you should better choose the DIP LED display screen.

As mentioned above, the sealing performance of SMD lamps and modules is slightly worse than that of DIP lamps and modules. The reliability of SMD lamps and modules cannot match DIP in terms of waterproof, moisture-proof, UV proof and other harsh environmental factors.

SMD LED display brightness VS DIP LED display brightness

At present, the brightness of SMD outdoor display screen with the same specification is lower than DIP display screen. In other words, to achieve the brightness of DIP LED display, you have to use better quality of SMD LED display.

Take the display screen with point spacing of 6 mm (p6), for example, the brightness of SMD display screen can reach more than 5500nits, while that of DIP display screen can reach more than 7000nits.

SMD LED lamp has larger driving current, smaller chip spacing and difficult heat dissipation. The brightness attenuation speed of the SMD lamp is faster than DIP LED, and the color consistency is easier to deteriorate.

Each chip of DIP LED lamp is packaged separately with higher brightness, smaller driving current, better heat dissipation and relatively small attenuation. As a result, DIP LED display also has higher brightness than SMD LED display in long term.

DIP higher brightness than SMD LED display

Viewing angles contrast of SMD and DIP LED display

Figures are the horizontal relative light intensity and angle of viewing by SMD and DIP LED displays. That is, the distribution of light energy according to the angle.

You can see that the horizontal angle of view of SMD lamp is obviously better than DIP (the vertical angle is similar to this result). Of course, there are differences among different types of lamps, but the angle of SMD LED display viewing is better than that DIP.

SMD LED lamp beads is not focused due to no directional reflector cup. Its light is evenly distributed across horizontal and vertical angles, providing a wider viewing angle of 110~140 degrees.

DIP LED lamp adopts epoxy resin lens assembly with reflective cup. This combination and the structure determine the elliptical cone. The reflective cup of DIP LED concentrates the light on a specific limited angle of 55~90 degrees.

DIP and SMD LED display viewing angles contrast

DIP and SMD light distribution and color mixing difference

SMD full color lamp is packaging red, green, blue three chips in the same bowl. The chip spacing is very smaller with regular position. As a result, the light distribution and color mixing effect is very good.

When it comes to DIP lamp, it is very difficult to match the synthetic light of red, green and blue lights into one pixel from different directions. Moreover, due to the large distance between three chips, there are also big challenges to mix the color, especially in close viewing.

In addition, the direction of SMD LED screen light can maintain good consistency. In contrast, it is difficult to keep the same direction of the DIP lamp in the production process. Then the direction of the DIP lamp light is difficult to maintain the same direction. Therefore, SMD LED display screen is more delicate than that of DIP screen.

color mixing and light distribution contrast

Price cost: DIP LED display VS SMD LED display

With the development of technology and continuous improvement of production process in recent years, SMD develops rapidly and its cost has been reduced a lot. SMD LED display can use automatic placement machine for manufacturing with high production efficiency.

DIP technology has more complex process, which is difficult for mechanized production and production efficiency. Since DIP screen needs two more production lines than SMD, the LED display factory has to hire more around 6 to 8 workers and more place for production DIP LED screen.

The obvious result is that SMD LED display has better price than DIP LED display. Generally SMD LED display is $100-$150 per square meter lower than DIP screens.

DIP screen cost and SMD LED display compare

MOBO trailer LED display – SMD or DIP?

As the professional mobile Led display trailer manufacturer in China, MOBO has worked with many LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen and other cities. To give our client a better viewing angles, better visual display, and high quality color from trailer LED display, we will suggest you put SMD LED display trailer for first choice. 

If your mobile LED trailer trailer are used in outdoor for long time and terrible environment, we will value the situation again and give you the best LED display solution.


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