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MOBO mobile LED screen trailer is a great business to invest in as it offers numerous possibilities and generates high revenue with very little additional outlay. Once you own your LED screen trailer you can start earning immediately in a wide variety of ways.

Starting any new business can be expensive. If you have to save up or borrow for the initial investment, it means you are missing out now on a current opportunity to earn. A better option is to use financing and start earning now.

Here at MOBO trailers we are proud to partner with Providence Capital Funding, Inc. This financial funding company works with businesses in a variety of industries to create equipment leasing solutions that meet your specific demands. Providence Capital has created a finance plan specifically for all MOBO customers.

LED screen trailer Financing Team
Financing Team of Providence Capital Funding

The advantages of LED screen trailer financing

If you have not previously considered financing there are some great reasons why this is such a good option for many customers.

1)You receive the LED screen trailer without risk from MOBO factory . You do not make the payment when you buy your LED mobile trailer. Instead, Providence Capital Funding will make payment to MOBO on your behalf. This means that you do not have to borrow money elsewhere and it frees up your cash flow.

2)Easy to apply and high approval rate. You can apply online for finance. The process is quick and easy with no obligation so it is worth finding out your finance options before you take your plans any further. Providence Capital has an industry high 94.1% approval rating and are experts in funding equipment for many different businesses and industries.
Provident Capital only performs soft credit pulls when reviewing your credit history. This means it will not have any impact on your credit history or score.

3)Several years financial solutions available. There is a wide range of financing options available. Whether you wish to run the financing over several years or would prefer to clear the finance after a short period, Provident Capital can work with your needs and requirements. The Provident Capital team is always available to discuss your options. The company understand the needs of industrial finance and have a proven track record in keeping businesses flourishing and earning.

4)Transparent charges available. There are no hidden extras when you use Provident Capital for leasing your business equipment. Once you have submitted your application via PDF you will be provided with a choice of flexible repayment options over your chosen timeframe.

5)Individual customer service. Provident Capital works across a wide range of industries helping businesses with easy financing options that best suits their needs. There is no one size fits all solution. The company always prefer to help with custom-designed equipment leasing plans that work for your individual case.

How can you get a LED screen trailer financing plan?

To find out whether LED screen trailer financing is for you, contact Provident Capital and download the application form obligation free. The company offers fast credit decisions; flexible payment plans and provides superior customer service throughout the time span of your contract.

The customer support team are on hand to help you through every step of the way and will make sure that you have all the information you need and are completely satisfied before you commit to your contract. Because Provident Capital partner with MOBO, the company understands the needs of the industry and will help you get the financing you need for your business.

With finance in place, you can start your business and get earning as soon as your MOBO trailer is delivered to your premises.

Why mobile LED screen trailer can be successful?

So what makes a mobile LED screen trailer such a great investment? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can generate a fantastic income and why this is such a good business move.

1/ Lower cost to invest compared with many other businesses

The principle cost of investment comes down to buying the equipment. But once you have your mobile LED screen trailer working for you, you can hit the ground running. And because this is such a great investment, if you decide the mobile LED screen business is not for you, you still have the mobile trailer as a valuable asset in your own country.

Risk free and profitable, a mobile LED trailer is great way to earn money safe in the knowledge that your initial investment is safe and your new business venture is lucrative.  

2/ There is very little competition.

You can appeal to a wide range of clients who are looking for advertising and help them spread their message to a wide audience, yet there is very little competition in this area.

A mobile screen trailer can be used to create billboard advertising, show videos, play music and generally create a buzz about upcoming events such as sales or occasions. Because there are very few people currently doing this, you are unlikely to face much competition in your local area

You can also hire out your services for events. A mobile LED screen trailer can be used for a wide range of events from sporting occasions where participants and the audience need to be updated with scores and positions, to parties and movie nights.

 A local business attending a trade show for example will attract attention with an LED screen. You can use it to play promotional videos of how the product can best be used. This is ideal for high ticket items such as yachts and cars but also works for other types of product.

3/ A mobile LED screen trailer is ideal for a one person business

MOBO LED screen trailers are designed to be easy. From towing the unit to setting up and removal, the unit is easily handleable by one person. You do not need to be physically strong or have exceptional technical abilities to operate the LED mobile screen trailer. You just need to show up, pick your location and set the LED screen rolling. It can be operated via your smart phone or laptop from your vehicle.

If you are looking for a profitable business that does not require much effort, a mobile LED screen trailer business is ideal.

4/ High revenue to rent LED screen trailer 

You can charge a high price for your services. Your mobile LED screen trailer can generate $100 an hour with the right client, adding up to thousands of dollars each week.

Check out the prices for LED rental for events in your area to find out more about the earning potential of your own mobile LED screen unit.

Remember that once you have purchased your LED mobile screen trailer, the running costs are minimal and everything that you earn is profit.

In Conclusion

MOBO have made many progress to help our clients especially small business companies to start mobile LED screen trailer projects. Our financing plan for them is a good solution to solve the financial pressures. If you are interested in getting our LED screen trailer with less investment and risk, please do not hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our financing service.


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