MOBO LED Screen Trailer Engineer’s Training Journey to Church in East Africa

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Recently we were contacted by the Kijitonyama Lutheran Church in Tanzania. They were keen to find out more about MOBO LED mobile trailers and felt that this technology would be a great way of spreading their word.  

After listening to their requirements we advised them that the MOBO MB-12 LED trailer was best suited for their needs. They agreed and soon their mobile screen trailer had arrived in East Africa.

To help the church further we decided to send Jason, one of our most experienced engineers to Tanzania to help. Although MOBO LED trailers are easy to learn and operate, nothing beats hands on experience and tuition from an expert.

Learning to operate MB-12 LED screen trailer
Learning to operate MB-12 LED screen trailer

About the Kijitonyama Lutheran Church

The Kijitonyama Lutheran Church in Tanzania has grown a lot since its beginnings in 1981 and it continues to evolve. This forward thinking church is part of the Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania (KKKT), a Lutheran movement in East Africa. The congregation was so small back then that services and worship took place in the founder‘s own home.  But as the saying goes, from little acorns big oak trees grow.

In 1985 the congregation reached 250 and the church moved to a new building. It was officially launched as a congregation in the same year by the office of Bishop Reverend Yohana Marko.

Today the Kijitonyama Lutheran Church has approximately 3500 members and is growing fast.  As well as serving the people of Kimele, Mikocheni, Mabwepande, Vikawe and Kidugalo the congregation also maintains two mission areas, one in Zanzibar and Sungwi in Maneromango State.

Kijitonyama Lutheran Church
Kijitonyama Lutheran Church
Church events in the evening
Church events in the evening

What are the benefits of on site LED trailer training?

Once Jason arrived in Tanzania he was able to instruct and demonstrate the team on how best to use the LED screen. He walked the church through every step of the way.

He explained the basic LED screen structure and functions. He demonstrated how to set up the LED screen. He showed how to do live broadcast with the trailer screen. He explained the best ways to maintain the trailer and screen in perfect condition and he showed how to resolve any technical issues that may occur throughout transportation and screening.

Jason worked with a team of church members and after a few days training, was confident that they could handle all aspects of managing the LED mobile screen trailer.

The on site training was invaluable for the church. Nobody had any prior experience of the technology so although they would have managed to learn via our support from China, having an engineer on the ground certainly made life easier.  

It was an unforgettable and very positive experience for everyone involved.

MOBO engineer training on site
MOBO engineer training on site
LED screen trailer training
LED screen trailer training

How Does the MOBO MB-12 Mobile LED Screen Trailer Help this Church?

The MOBO screen trailer has made a fantastic difference to this church. Because the congregation is growing, it enables people to participate in live screen church services outside when the physical church is full.

The screen is often erected outside the church in an area outside thus increasing the congregation who can sit in comfort and fully participate. In addition the LED mobile screen can be set up in outlying areas so that church events can be relayed to other areas. This means that people outside the core area can attend live services without needing to travel to Kijitonyama.

The MOBO live screen also enables other church events from KKKT to be relayed and live broadcast. It brings people together in worship and participation.

The Absen screen installed on the MOBO trailer is the best LED screen brand available and it offers clear visual images and videos for the audience. These mobile LED screens improve the learning experience in the church and attract a high number of people attending gospel.

Church tent without LED screen trailer
Church tent without LED screen trailer
Church Live broadcast gospel event with MB-12 LED trailer
Gospel broadcast event with MB-12 LED Trailer

How all churches can benefit from a mobile LED screen trailer?

All churches needs to remain engaged with the modern world in order to evolve. With a wide age range of the congregation; an LED screen can help raise awareness and grow your congregation in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

Many churches across the world use LED screens. A mobile LED screen trailer goes further because it helps spread the message of God and can be used in a variety of ways and locations.

A mobile LED screen can be used as billboard advertising to publicise upcoming events and services. You can use the screen to relay live broadcasts, screen inspirational films, host movies, boost fund raising drives and take your message to areas that may otherwise be unaware of your church.

MB-12 LED display trailer with pickup in outdoor
MB-12 LED display trailer with pickup in outdoor
MOBO trailer with Absen high quality LED Screen

You can use the LED screen to screen the service outdoors when the church is too full thus keeping an expanding congregation fully engaged with worship.

 You can take the mobile LED screen trailer on the road to show the general public just who you are and what your church does for the community. It helps you spread the message.

Once a church fully understands how to use the technology the applications for the mobile LED screen trailer are practically endless.

Church people watching LED screen trailer

In Conclusion

MOBO is committed to offering better service both in customer assistance and in product quality. The mobile LED screen range is adaptable for a wide range of purposes and with superior visual quality and sound is perfect for Church use across the world in all different surroundings and climates.

So whether your Church is based in Africa, Asia, the USA, Europe or anywhere else you can be confident that your MOBO LED screen trailer can bring a better visual and sound experience for your congregation. It can transform the worship experience and will help you reach more people in spreading the message.

Although the MOBO LED screen trailer is easy to operate it can sometimes be daunting for communities to manage the initial set up alone. So contact MOBO and find out more about our great range of models and find out more about our on site training.

We can advise you on the best model for your needs and talk you through every step of the way. As with the Kijitonyama Lutheran Church in Tanzania sometimes the best option is to benefit from on site training and have the services of a MOBO engineer to help you achieve the best results from your investment.

MB-12 LED trailer bring better experience for church

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