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Playing your LED screen while your trailer is in motion is a fantastic way to attract attention to your business. It enables you to reach your audience with advertising videos and promotional content and can raise awareness of upcoming events and publicize any special offers that you have.
Running your LED screen while your trailer is in motion has numerous benefits for business. It shows the world that your company is fully onboard with technology and it can catch the attention of any passers by who may be interested in what you have to offer but are unfamiliar with your company.

MB-5D LED screen trailer play videos in motion
MB-5D LED screen trailer play videos in motion

Benefits of playing pictures or videos on LED trailer screen in motion

Let’s look at some of the benefits of playing content on a trailer screen in motion.

1)Attract the customers you hope to reach. With a mobile LED screen trailer you can attract more customers. Putting your advertising message in a public space with eye catching content and easy to read contact details will alert potential customers just who you are, what you do and where you are located.

This is especially good if you have a time limited special offer or an upcoming event. For example if you are a garage running a promotion on car sales or accessories, reaching out across your locality will alert customers they need to act in order to take advantage of your special offers. This works for all business from night clubs to garages and everything else.

2)Deliver your brand and raise awareness. Playing your LED mobile screen as you drive, delivers your brand to all corners of your city. Your potential customers may not even know that your company exists so bringing the message right to their locality will certainly drive footfall and custom.

Make sure your logo and contact details are highly visible and memorable. It is important to remember that just about everyone has smartphones so don’t forget your website address.

You can target areas that fit your customer profile too. So taking your brand to areas that may be outside your immediate geographic area will raise brand awareness very effectively.

3)The most cost effective way to advertise. Using your mobile LED screen trailer is a cost effective way to advertise. It enables you to maximize the use of your mobile LED screen without needing to pay for any extra advertising. With only the cost of the fuel to consider, this method of advertising is as widespread and as free as it gets. And because people see your advertising without needing to actually search for it, it can give potential customers the idea that they need your products.

Generator on LED screen trailer

How to play the LED screen when the LED screen trailer is in motion

1/ Prepare a portable generator on the LED screen trailer.

To play the LED screen when the trailer is in motion you need to have a generator in place to supply the electricity to the screen. A silent generator can be fitted onto the trailer very easily and because it is silent, it will not cause annoyance to other road users.

With the MB-5 LED screen trailer for example, a portable 5KW gasoline silent generator can be installed on the trailer tongue and provide you with reliable power for as long as you want.

If you have any questions about which type of mobile generator for using on the move, contact MOBO and let them help. The company is extremely experienced in everything to do with mobile LED screen usage and will be able to advise you on your best options.  

2/Prepare your video contact before you hit the road with your LED trailer!

Before you take out your mobile LED trailer for direct advertising, it is important to make sure that your video content is ready to go.

Upload your program / promotional video pictures and texts onto the screen in advance. Always make sure that you have a run through first and that the content you have chosen is suitable for a moving platform.

When you are playing your LED screen in motion, it is important to keep it fairly simple. Video clips should be short and repeated at various time delays. Your logo and contact information should pop up regularly. The aim should be for people to see your whole message and understand it in only a couple of minutes, before your trailer moves on to another location.

3/Plan your LED screen trailer route in advance.

Although it may be tempting to drive where the mood takes you, it is important to plan your route in advance because if not enough people see your message, it may be a waste of time.

Check out a route with plenty of traffic. You will find that using the mobile trailer on busy roads will attract attention from other road users especially in slow moving areas such as traffic lights. It is also important to consider residential areas and parts of town that have a busy footfall.

It is a good idea to research your route in advance. Consider the optimum times to be in certain areas so that you receive the maximum exposure. You will already understand your customer base so vary your advertising times to suit their particular habits.

 Most importantly always make sure that your route can accommodate a mobile trailer unit and that you can get through without causing a hold up or becoming stuck in a no through road.

Other tips for playing your LED screen videos when in motion

Keep safe. Don’t drive too fast or you could cause a hazard. In addition your potential customers need to see your video and contact details so you need to drive slowly so that your message can be easily seen and understood.

Do not elevate the trailer LED screen for road use. If you do this, you could create a potential hazard if your LED screen falls down. Your unit needs to be stable so that if you drive over uneven surfaces, your LED screen will remain fixed and safe on the trailer. In addition, when you are out in the community, your LED screen needs to be fixed at as close to eye level as possible so that it has the maximum impact on pedestrians and motorists.

Make sure that your logo and contact information is clearly visible. You need to ensure that your LED screen keeps this information visible in between other video content. If you don’t make sure this is visible at all times, you could run the risk of driving round with a blank screen. This not only looks unprofessional, it misses out on valuable advertising time and space.

Always check out the best times of the day to advertise via your LED trailer in motion. Many areas have quiet times when the streets are deserted so make sure that you coincide with busier times so that as many people as possible can see your message.

MB-12 LED display trailer with pickup in outdoor

In Conclusion

Even though mobile LED screen trailers are usually used to play videos while parking on site, it has advantages if you play videos in motion to improve brand awareness. The first issue is safety. You shall keep the trailer moving in safe status. Secondly you shall solve the electricity problem by mounting a suitable power generator.  Of course, there are more details you can take care to maximize the advertising effect of trailer LED screen in motion.

Not all LED screen trailer are designed to play videos in motion. MOBO will give you guidance to how to operate our mobile LED screen trailers or redesign the trailer structure to make sure it work on road. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 



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