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The automotive industry is probably the most competitive market in the world. Car manufacturers such as Tesla, Kia and BMW are constantly releasing new models and designs. Car shops and local car showrooms always need to raise awareness of promotions. They need to alert customers to new models in stock and special offers.

In the world of car sales and repairs, competition is fierce both at a local and at an international level. In order to promote their business well, many car shop and distributors use mobile LED screen trailer for their outdoor advertising.

MB-5 LED screen trailer for car rental business
LED Screen Trailer For Car Shop Promoting

Huge market for new cars, used cars, parts and repair.

The automotive industry is huge at all levels. We all need our cars and customers will shop around to find the right model at the right price. Customers will also search for the best deals on mechanical repairs. This is a very competitive market that has very little brand loyalty from customers. The car market is essentially price driven and customers need to be reassured that they are getting a good deal and a great service.

In today’s competitive market any local car business needs to run promotions and advertise. It is no longer enough to offer a great service and good deals if your potential customers are unaware of who you are and what you do.

Simple LED screen trailer for used car and car repair business advertising
Simple LED screen trailer for used car and car repair business advertising

Fierce competition and high demand of advertising among car retailers.

  • Car showrooms need to alert customers to new cars in stock. There is a buzz around electric cars and hybrids at the moment. Traditional petrol and diesel cars remain popular too and have a loyal fan base. Making your customers aware of why they should buy your brand over another is an important part of advertising.  
  • Car shops need to offer extras in order to attract customers such as discounts, warranties and payment deals. Your potential customers may be tempted by your great models in stock but may need an extra push in order to buy. Offering finance options can make the expense of a new car affordable. These need to be advertised.
  • Maybe your car shop offers special deals on mechanical services? These need to be advertised so that customers know to choose your garage over local competitors. So if you are running a promotion on clutch replacement, brakes or tires, making customers aware that you are offering this promotion will encourage take up.
  • Many garages raise awareness by sponsoring local events or local sports teams. Your car business may also attend events such as parades or events in order to showcase new cars. Many car businesses advertise in shopping malls in order to attract new buyers.
LED screen trailer for BMW car distributor advertising
LED screen trailer for BMW car distributor advertising

Inexpensive mobile LED screen trailer for car promotion

A mobile LED screen trailer is a fantastic way to raise awareness of your auto business. Even better it is an extremely inexpensive mobile LED screen when compared to other advertising methods.

Let’s look at the many reasons why a mobile LED screen trailer is such a great addition for your car business.

The price of LED screen trailer

A mobile LED screen trailer is inexpensive with prices starting at $8,000.  The MB-5 model for example features a 5 square meter high resolution LED screen and is one of the most popular models for car showrooms and automotive businesses. It is convenient to transport and lightweight enough to be operated by just one person.

Versatility of mobile LED trailer

A mobile LED screen trailer is extremely versatile. You can use it for display outside your car showroom and show a range of eye catching videos and pictures of new models to tempt potential customers. You can also use it for banner advertisements such as special deals, promotions and up coming events.

Whatever your message, you can get it across with an LED screen trailer. The video resolution is crisp and clear, and the digital screen trailer comes fully fitted with an inbuilt sound system so you can attract attention with music. However you choose to advertise, results are always eye catching and impactful.

The mobile LED trailer can be operated from your mobile phone or laptop and is as easy to use as a home TV streaming system.

Easy to transport and to use

All Mobo LED screen trailers are easy to transport and easy to operate. You can drive it anywhere and have the system up and running in minutes. So whether your car company is taking part in a local parade or you want to raise awareness of your latest electric car model in a shopping center, your LED mobile screen is your perfect partner.

An LED screen trailer is far cheaper than other methods of advertising.

A mobile LED screen trailer is a cost effective method of advertising. It is far cheaper than renting billboard space, newspaper ads, radio ads or TV advertising. Once you own your own LED screen trailer you can take the message to where your customers are likely to be.

Whatever the weather, your trailer LED screen will stand out.

The high pixel resolution of the screen means that your video display is perfectly viewable in bright sunshine. You can also use it in rain as it is completely waterproof. Whatever the lighting conditions or the weather, your trailer mounted LED screen is always eye-catching and impactful.

Buying your own mobile LED screen trailer is cheaper than renting.

It is far more cost effective to buy your own mobile LED trailer. If you rent a mobile LED screen trailer from a third party company, the hire charges will need to be factored into your advertising budget. In addition you will need to pay for the labor of the operator.

With your own mobile LED screen trailer, you can use it every day for no additional charge. You will soon find that the trailer pays for itself thanks to increased sales and take up of your promotions and services.

MB-5 LED screen trailer for BMW car shop
MB-5 LED screen trailer for BMW car shop

Benefit from MOBO LED screen trailers for car promoting

All automotive businesses need to go that extra mile in order to attract customers. Standing out from the competition is crucially important in the often cut throat world of car sales. A mobile LED screen trailer is eye catching and will impress your customers with your professionalism. It sends a message that your car company is trustworthy and at the cutting edge of technology.

A LED mobile screen trailer puts your advertising needs into your own hands and is a fantastically cost effective method of advertising. For example, you can use the mobile LED screen every day from your premises. You can run simple banner ads or tempting pictures of your latest models. You can play complete videos of new cars or new innovations such as the latest electric car models.

Your advertising does not need to be complicated. In many cases some simple images of your cars on sale will be enough to tempt customers to check out your car showroom. Banner ads that inform customers of great deals are easy to design and show on the trailer LED screen.

To find out more about MOBO LED trailers contact our company. We ship our mobile trailer trailers in global markets and understand the requirements of local regulations of those countries. We will help you find the perfect LED screen trailer model for your needs.

MB-5 LED trailer for Mazda car shop promoting

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