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You may have not previously considered buying a mobile LED screen for hospital use. Here at MOBO we admit that we had not previously thought of this application for our technology. However, according to some of our customers, a mobile LED screen is ideal for a wide range of uses in any hospital in any part of the world.

One such customer wrote to us outlining his needs for a mobile LED screen to use at his hospital.  

He was precise in his requirements and we were able to help with the perfect model. This customer wanted a smallish screen (8ft x 5ft) for events to be carried out all year round. He wanted to use it for messaging, images and visuals. He wanted a screen trailer that could be transported to various events off site and at the hospital. As he said, “It is basically a way to display our messaging at events outside mostly and some indoor events that are larger…”

With our wide range of MOBO trailers we could easily accommodate this request and our customer was extremely satisfied with his purchase. However it got us thinking about some of the great benefits that a mobile LED screen can bring to any busy hospital.

LED screen trailer for hospital eyecare event
LED screen trailer for hospital eyecare event

Mobile LED screen trailer is portable for hospital events

A mobile LED screen gives any hospital the capacity to broadcast health advice in a variety of locations and to publicise health initiatives and events to patients and staff alike.  It can be used for fun days and social events too and be a great addition to any hospital’s technology.  Let’s take a further look at how your hospital can benefit from a mobile LED screen.

5mm pixel LED screen on trailer
digital billboard trailer performs better in outdoor advertising than LED screen on walls

Many events are held in hospital/ hospital education

Hospitals are busy places that carry out vital health work. One of the key factors to raising awareness is publicity. With an LED screen you can alert people to health initiatives such as the importance of mammograms, vaccination programs, screening programs and other health initiatives that save lives but are often overlooked by the general public.

With an LED screen situated in key areas, you can raise awareness of important health issues in a way that is easily understood by the general public. An LED screen can get the message across and will increase uptake of vital health programs.

MB-5 is advertising on public streets
Mobile LED screen trailer in educating health care

A mobile LED screen spreads the message across your community

If your hospital has a mobile LED trailer this means that you can convey important health advice to the wider community. This is a fantastic advantage in areas of deprivation or in rural areas where people may be unaware of health issues and unlikely to visit the hospital on the off chance that a troubling symptom is actually serious.

For example most hospitals carry out vital screening programs in the prevention of diseases such as cancer. It is important that the target demographic know how and when to attend screening and with a mobile LED screen this often life saving information can be easily passed on to the public.

Hospital staff training events

Staff training events can equally benefit from a mobile LED. Whether your staff are undergoing their medical training or need updating on procedures, an LED screen can bring training to life. And because it can be used in different locations, you can deploy it wherever you need to carry out training events. Taking the screen to the relevant people instead of expecting them to come to you is always a good way to ensure maximum uptake on any training initiative.

MB-10 mobile led screen for indoor exhibition and meeting

Hospital social events and fun days

Many busy hospitals are a real community for the people who work there. A trailer LED screen can be used for leisure purposes such as film nights or sports days, important for building morale and teamwork.

MOBO MB-10 LED screen trailer attending outdoor event

A mobile LED screen unit can pass on urgent information and news reports

In times of emergency it is important to pass on up to the minute information. You can deploy the mobile LED screen to raise awareness in times of emergency and get this information out to the wider public who may be unaware of the dangers.

LED screen trailer for breast cancer donations
LED screen trailer for breast cancer donations

So why you should buy rather than rent a mobile LED screen trailer?

Many hospitals and large organisations already hire LED screens from contractors from time to time but if your organisation does this, you already know that the money you pay for the service is lost. It is far better value to buy a mobile LED screen yourself and use it as you need it.

Is a mobile LED screen trailer difficult to operate?

Many people worry that an LED screen trailer is difficult to operate or requires special training. The good news is that it is very easy. The trailer LED screen set up can be carried out automatically by just one person and it is easy to program regardless if you want to use it for video messaging, live broadcast , health updates such as news releases on health issues such as Covid information and much much more.

So whether you need your LED screen one day to promote health initiatives and the next day to live stream a movie at a social event, all the applications can be carried out with the minimum of instruction. If you can work your home TV entertainment system, you will be able to operate your mobile LED system!  It is that easy.

All MOBO trailer units are easy to transport. They are easy to tow with a medium size car or SUV so operators do not require additional clauses on their driving license. The unit is designed with the driver in mind as much as the video unit so the screen can be moved to wherever you need it without any hassle.


As any hospital administrator knows, saving money is a vital part of the job but this has to be weighed up against the practicalities and usage of all types of equipment.

A hospital will certainly be able to justify the purchase of such a useful piece of equipment with so many applications in the field of raising awareness, prevention of illness and encouraging the uptake of vital health programs.

Maybe you have already dipped your toes in LED screen usage by renting them out from a local company? In which case you know how much this can be extremely expensive and costs money which you can never get back.

By contrast, if your hospital actually owns the mobile LED screen trailer, you will be surprised at the money you can save and advantages you take. And even better you can use your own staff members to operate the unit and deploy it wherever and whenever it is most needed without having to work to the timetable of a third party operator.


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