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The Church may not seem like the most obvious customer for a mobile LED screen trailer but stop right there and just think about it!

The Church is the heart of a community and is involved with numerous community projects that need to be publicized.   The church spreads the word of God and hosts numerous spiritual and family events. It needs to inform the congregation of times of service and religious events.  And any church needs to remain engaged with the modern world in order to evolve. With a wide age range of the congregation; an LED screen can help raise awareness and grow your congregation.

This means that a mobile LED screen for your church is a valuable asset. Many churches around the World are already getting on board and using LED screens in a variety of ways; in the USA, across the continent of Africa, in Europe, South America and everywhere else that takes part in Christian worship.

You may be surprised to learn that there is a LED screen situated in St Peters Square in the Vatican. And many denominations of the Church across the world are now using LED screens for a wide range of purposes.

 An LED screen that you can easily move to different locations offers your Church an added dimension. It can provide you with fantastic opportunities to spread your message as well as much more.

How can a mobile LED screen help your church?

Using your LED screen as a billboard outside your church is a good way to raise the profile of your church.

Reach out to your community

Using your LED screen as a billboard is a fantastic way to raise awareness of what your church does for the community and to reach out to the congregation.

Publicizing support groups or children’s group for example will attract people who have maybe never set foot in your church but will be interested in joining you for specific activities. Because the LED screen is eye catching you can deliver a powerful message that reaches the people who need your help.

Your LED screen can deliver inspiring messages

Churches often use traditional inspirational signs to encourage people with mind renewing truths or scripture. With an LED screen as a billboard you can change these messages with no hassle. People passing by will look at your LED screen because it is eye catching and because you can regularly update it with fresh content.

You can advertised your church with an LED screen

With an LED screen you can publicize your events including service times and other important worship details. If potential congregation members can easily see the times of worship, church services and events going on in your Church, they are far more likely to attend.

It is important to remember that some people are nervous about attending a new church so putting times and dates of upcoming events makes the whole process much easier. In the LED format it is easy to read and update so can show the latest information.

Mobile LED screen trailer offers far more than a fixed LED billboard.

The MOBO LED screen trailer is very easy to move and set up, so it offers you so much more than a LED screen fixed in a permanent location.

Here are some of the ways that your church can benefit from the use the mobile LED trailer.

1/ a mobile LED screen trailer helps raise awareness of what your Church does for the community

Show how your Church is helping the community by taking your mobile LED screen to places away from your Church.  You can play videos and spread the message across your area by taking the screen to busy areas such as the street or shopping mall or to quiet country locations

2/ Use the LED screen to show worship concerts

Your congregation can take part and enjoy worship concerts from other areas. For example “Let Us Worship Live from Sacramento Full Concert Film” is an inspirational experience that brings a major Christian event to your church that the whole congregation can take part in.

3/ Use the mobile LED screen for events and picnics outdoors

Your mobile LED screen will enhance your Church social events. Whether you are hosting a sports competition or running a church picnic, you can use the LED screen to play music, keep people informed and generally bring an extra dimension to your event.

4/ Use the LED screen to host movie nights

Add an extra attraction to your church activities by hosting a movie night. The mobile LED screen can be used outdoors or inside. Movie nights can be a great way to raise funds and is a great way for the whole congregation to enjoy a social event.

5/ Use the LED screen in a Church tent

The MOBO LED screen is perfect for using in a tent. So if you take your church on the road, hosts events such as children’s bible school, or share in worship away from your church, your LED screen can bring cutting edge technology to the space.  The LED screen can be used in a variety of ways to show films, broadcast information, display words for hymns and inspirational songs that everyone can join in with and enjoy.

Why should your Church buy a mobile LED screen trailer?

If you have already tried renting an LED mobile screen for a special event you already know that renting a mobile LED trailer is expensive. The money you spend in the rental costs is money that is lost. In addition you need to work to the timetable of the Rental Company as well as pay for the labor of the people to operate it.

Buying your own mobile LED screen trailer is a far more cost effective option. It gives you the freedom to use the LED screen whenever you want and wherever you need to take it.

For example a mobile LED trailer can be used outside your church as a billboard but is very easily moved when needed to other events and locations. A mobile LED screen unit is a fantastic way of spreading the word and bringing your Church to the wider community.

Is a mobile LED screen trailer difficult to use?

One of the great points about MOBO LED screen trailers is that they are so easy to use and operate.

The screen set up is automated so can be carried out by just one person and it is easy to program for all its functions. So whether you want to use it for video messaging, live broadcast, Church services, showing movies or any other purpose, it is not difficult. If you can use a smart phone or operate a home TV system you can operate the MOBO LED screen.

An important factor to the mobile LED screen trailer is its mobility. The units are very easy to tow with a medium sized car or SUV which means you do not need any additional clauses on your driving license. All our small to medium sized LED screens are compatible for use with a medium sized car.

With MOBO trailers you can be confident that the specifications of the trailer units conform to the requirements of your country’s rules on towing and transportation. We ensure that your mobile LED screen trailer is fully road legal for your country and is ready to use immediately it is delivered without the need for any modification.

In Conclusion

A mobile LED Screen Trailer is a fantastic asset for your Church. It may seem like a big investment but in truth it is extremely cost effective especially when you consider the many ways that you can use it.

Spreading the message, helping the community, fund raising, advertising your Church and many other routine activities can all be helped with the use of an LED screen trailer.  So let us help you spread your message by contacting us.


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