Mobile LED Screen: a great asset for sports club and sporting events

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LED screens are fantastic for sports clubs and for sporting events. You can use an LED screen to capture all the close up action, just like the major sports stadiums do at professional level. You can use your LED screen to broadcast the entire match; great when your team is playing away from home. You can use an LED screen to display scores and stats and you can use a LED screen for advertising, because an LED screen is a brilliant tool for generating income for your club.

LED screens are used for all these reasons and more and in many different kinds of sporting events. Whether it is football, baseball, golf, basketball, cricket, cycling or any other sport; many clubs of all sizes, routinely use outdoors LED screens to enhance the whole experience for participants and audience alike.

The downside of renting a LED Screen in events

In many cases sports clubs rent a fixed LED screen from a supplier. But although this is an effective solution that can work for many occasions, there are many drawbacks too.

The major issue for many sports clubs comes down to the cost. Hiring an LED screen is expensive. You don’t just have to play the rental charges; you need to factor in the additional costs of the labour. When you rent a fixed LED screen, you need the services of a professional team to set up the screen with a scaffold of aluminum poles and then you often need professionals to run the LED screening as well. This means that it can be hard to recoup the losses of an event when it has already cost you a lot of money before it has even started.

In addition a fixed LED screen can only be positioned in one fixed location. This location may not be the best place for your screening but once it is in place you are unable to move it.

A mobile LED screen trailer gives you freedom to choose when and where to use it.

 A far better and more cost effective option for any sports club is to buy their own mobile LED screen trailer. Yes it is more expensive to buy it than a one time rental, obviously, but it is a fantastic investment for your club. When you own your own mobile LED trailer, you can decide when and where to use the mobile LED screen and even better you do not have to pay each time you decide to use it.

And in most cases you will find that owning your own mobile LED trailer pays for itself because you can use it to generate extra income. Plus you don’t have to pay every time you use it.

Even better, a mobile LED screen on a trailer is easy to set up. You do not need a team of trained professionals to construct scaffolding and to operate the screen showing. With MOBO LED screen trailers, the whole set up can be achieved in around half an hour by one person and it is really easy to control the screening with no special training or professional qualifications.

How to use a mobile LED screen for your sports events

Your club and sporting events are enhanced by the use of an LED screen. Here are just some of the ways you can use it.

  • Use your mobile LED screen for advertising. Your sponsors are far more likely to invest in your club if they can advertise their services and with an LED screen you can deliver their message. Advertising helps your club generate vital income and is a great revenue stream for your club.
  • Use your mobile LED screen to live stream your team’s matches or competitions. You can use cameras to capture close up action or events that are too far away for the audience to follow such as golf or cycling. All professional clubs routinely employ the use of video screens whether to see far away action or focus on an aspect of the sport.
  • A mobile LED screen is a great way to enhance teaching and training. Use your screen to teach your players in daily training practice. It is a great way to learn and it also helps your players enjoy a bonding experience. 
  • Use your mobile LED screen to generate interest locally. Because it is easily towable and so easy to set up, you can take your screen to busy locations to advertise upcoming events thus encouraging more ticket sales and revenue.
  • A mobile LED screen is ideal for entertainment too. It enables you to host outdoor parties, film showings, club parties and other outside entertaining events. An LED screen is ideal for fund raising and creates an exciting vibe around all your club activities.
  • If you own your own mobile LED screen an additional option for revenue is to rent it out in your own area. This also gives you a chance to advertise your own sports club and publicize upcoming events.

What sort of mobile LED screen is best for my club?

Here at MOBO trailers, we produce a range of mobile screen trailers to cater for all needs. So let’s check out some of the options.
We offer different size options from a small screen of 5sqm right up to a 32 sqm LED screen wall.

Our smallest screen measures 5 square metres so is ideal for smaller clubs and venues. It is easy to tow and very lightweight so is ideal for advertising purposes when you might want to publicise events in busy areas such as shopping malls and shows and is easily towable by a medium sized car.

There is also a range of sizes that may suit larger clubs without the need of special trucks for towing. All our trailers are easy to tow and easy to use without the need for special training and in most cases can be towed by a mid range car or truck.

Our largest LED screen trailer provides a mighty screen that is suitable for a large crowd and measuring 32 square meters it leads the way at the biggest events when you need to screen to an audience of thousands. This requires the use of a truck because the trailer chassis weighs 25 tons.

All our MOBO screen trailers are tailor made to the screen itself and offer a range of great options including the utmost in portability, hydraulic lifting gear, a great sound system. All our LED screens are weather resistant so can be used in any conditions without adversely affecting picture quality, sound or safety.

  • The trailer LED screen. You can choose the type of LED screen that best suits your needs and your budget from a range of well known LED screen brands. In general the smaller pixel pitch the greater the picture quality. We work with LED screens of P3, P4, P5, P6, P8 and P10 and can advise you on the best options for your needs.
    It is important to remember that over 75% of the world’s LED screens are manufactured in China and that the country is the world leader in this market.
  • Easy operation and set up. All our mobile LED screens are easy to operate and to set up. You don’t need special training or a professional qualification to produce a screening experience of high professional quality. All MOBO trailers are easy to move and are easy to pack away , so even if you always decide to use your LED screen in one location, you can easily move it if you change your mind.
    In addition, we have refined and worked on our designs, making the trailers easy to tow and to operate. All MOBO trailers can be neatly packed away when not in use and feature sleek aerodynamic design and many other extras.

Why buy a MOBO LED screen trailer?

One of the major factors that sets us apart from other manufacturers is the quality of our trailers. We make it very easy for our international customers to buy direct from us and we ensure that all our mobile LED screen trailers conform to the regulations and standards of your country.

Even though our company is based in China we provide door to door delivery inclusive of customs charges and with all duty paid. We work with our own trusted shipping agents and can send your trailer direct to your address whether you are in Europe, Australia, the USA, the UK, and India or wherever else you may be. It is very easy and we offer a very reliable service with a guarantee.

A mobile LED screen trailer is a fantastic asset to any sports club.

A LED Screen trailer can be a fantastic asset to your sports club. It can enhance your team’s profile and make your match days and competitions a great event. In addition it will help you generate revenue and lead the way in your local area.

Whether you are running a cricket club in India, a football club in the UK or Australia, a golf club, a cycling club or any other sports club across the globe, a mobile LED screen trailer reflects that your club is looking forward and investing in the future.


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