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build your mobile LED display trailer fleet with MOBO

If you already have a mobile LED screen trailer, it is necessary to figure out the best way to maximize your profits by leasing the trailer. After researching successful LED trailer business model, we suggest you to build your mobile LED display trailer fleet for advertising.

The influence of one single advertising screen trailer is limited. If you want to get more profits, you must spread the advertisement into the network and expand its audience range. In this way, you can attract more advertisers to invest advertisements on trailer screen. In this article, we mainly share the importance of building LED billboard trailer fleet.

The limitation of single mobile LED display trailer

1. Limited flexibility of LED display solution. One single LED display trailer can not satisfy your clients. They have different events which need several LED display dimensions for choosing. Whether you have MB-5 trailer, MB-10 trailer, or even MB-16 in hand, it can only meet one certain size trailer LED screen.

If you have a larger LED trailer trailer, you client only need a smaller one. The rental price of mobile LED advertising screen trailer will scare clients away. If you only have a smaller trailer LED display trailer, your client will still leave when he needs a bigger LED display.

Therefore, it is very necessary to build your led trailer fleet and offer different solutions to match your clients’ request.

MB-5 sqm mobile LED display for car shop promoting

2. Limited flexibility of projects in different cities. One single LED display trailer can be used in single event at the same time and the same city. If you wan to do LED screen trailer leasing business in other cities, you need more trailers. According to our research, you may receive many business from other cities where the event need this LED trailer.

Thus, you need to prepare more mobile LED screen trailers which can go to another city while there is already an event held in your city. If you want more orders, you need more MOBO trailers for market.

3. Limited opportunity of growing big. For outdoor advertising and event, it is important to offer creative and competitive solution and resources. One single LED screen trailer is not enough to build your advantages in this area. If you have few competitors in the LED screen trailer market, you have the best chance to buy more MOBO LED screen trailers and improve your influence on trailer LED display leasing to grow your brand big.

However, the keys to grow your market is to promote the trailer business and make it popular for outdoor events, promoting, and other activities in your country. The big LED display trailer fleet can help you well known in the market. When more and more people see your trailers, your service will be growing fast.

one single trailer will limit your client's choice

Benefits of building a fleet of mobile LED screen trailers

1.Increase your LED trailer leasing transaction. Mobile LED screen trailer fleet is fixed cost. When you get more LED trailers, you will have more solutions for client and get more revenues. The profit of leasing LED screen trailer fleet is high invest on returns.

You can set your LED advertising trailer in different cities with different rental price. Take Australia as an example, there are several major cities. If you install led trailers in each city, you don’t have to drag your own one back and forth, saving your cost. At the same time, it can be nearest to your customers and convenient to use LED display trailer to hold various outdoor activities for customers.

make a deal with clients who are ready to rent LED screen trailer

2. Serving big brands and corporations with your trailers. Building a mobile LED billboard trailer fleet will allow you to conduct nationwide advertising campaigns. For many big brands, their promotion advertisements are often not limited to one city. For example, when the big brand has launched a new product, the brand company hopes to hold roadshows in multiple cities at the same time.

Once you have more than one LED advertising trailer, it will bring you the opportunity to cooperate with these big brands. Just imagine like this: if you hold more than 10 promoting activities for the big brand, the revenue is much more than that for a single event. And your large-scale LED screen trailer fleet will be also more easily accepted by those big brands.

MB-10 LED trailer display Coca cola ads

3. Step further than your LED trailer business competitors. Generally there are more than one mobile LED screen trailer leasing company in your city. In order to beat them, you have to offer what your competitors can not do. Building trailer fleet will make you more reliable when clients want to rent LED trailer for promoting events.

Once you build your city-cross trailer fleet, you will have much more influence on clients’ choice. Start building your trailer fleet earlier, then you will get more potential clients and earn more than your competitors.

beat your competitors with LED screen trailer fleet

How to build your mobile LED display trailer fleet

1. Find suitable LED screen trailer model for your fleet. 

What kind of trailer models should you choose to build your trailer fleet? MOBO trailer can give you optional MB-5, MB-10 and MB-16 LED display trailers. MB-5 is the lowest cost LED trailer solution. MB-10 and MB-16 trailers are relatively expensive and require high financial ability.

Therefore, you need to determine which model to build your trailer fleet according to your own financial situation and actual application requirement.

Choose suitable LED trailer

2. Build your control system for trailers in fleet. 

The core part of the control system is trailer installed LED display control system. If you have a LED screen trailer fleet, you have to find the best system to send group videos and edit content for trailer screen. The good news is that many big LED control card system like NovaStar, Linsn and Colorlight have developed their cloud control systems for remote control.

Colorlight: Cloud Service Cluster Management Solution
Features: a) Cluster Control
b) Real-time monitoring
c) Scheduling management
d) Access control
For more information about Colorlight Cloud Service Cluster Management Solution, please click here.

Colorlight cloud control system for LED screen

NovaStar: VNNOX Screen Cloud Platform
Features: a) Multi-Platform Support
b) Online Media Library
c) Visual Editing and Scheduling
d) Automatic Sending of Logs
For more information about NovaStar Cloud Service Cloud platform, please click here.

NovaStar's Vnnox cloud control system for outdoor advertising LED display

When you use these system, each trailer is equipped with a control card with LED display. These control cards have WiFi and wireless interface, so you can monitor and release timing management and editing through a computer operating platform. These programs come to broadcast advertisements or various live activities.

Besides these LED screen control system, you also need other facilities to better control mobile LED billboard trailer fleet. You can install GPS tracker and GPS Antenna for each trailer to track the location of each mobile LED display trailer, which also ensures that your trailer fleet is more safe.

3. Formulate a reasonable business plan. 

The operation mode of your LED trailer fleet is not limited to the isolated distribution of LED trailers in each city. The core value is to build all these led trailers into a new network media with your LED screen trailer business plan. Therefore, when you explain your business model to customers, you must maximize the value of your Led trailer fleet and advertising platform.

Led screen trailer has a very convenient range of accessing outdoor activities. Therefore, it can be for many advertisers in a specific time and place to publish advertising. What’s more, its cost is also very competitive. The LED trailer fleet helps you solve a problem. It can directly help you complete the advertisement release of each city without going through second-hand and third-hand resources, which also reduces advertising costs for customers.

Mobile LED display trailer business plan

Other OOH advertising application similar to LED screen trailer fleet

1.Transit Bus Advertising.

As an important public transportation, the bus fleet in the city has an obvious advantage in quantity. Many buses have been pasted with bright and exquisite wraps. In some cities, the operator of transit bus fleet even has installed small LED screen at rear side of these buses to display advertising.

Bus fleet adverting has a strong impact on the consumers’ vision, and can make the potential purchasing groups remember the advertisement instantly.The income brought by transit bus advertising can not be underestimated. For example, Alipay has contracted the bus advertisement in Nanjing City to publicize the functions of Alipay’s express payment, which has aroused the interest of the public.

Bus wrap advertising in bus station

2.LED lamp pole screen .

LED lamp pole screen is another increasingly used creative LED display in the city. There are more and more pole LED screen built on city streets. The outdoor LED screen can play rich advertising contents according to different festivals, which makes the brand spread more widely.

These pole LED screens have intelligent application embodiment such as intelligent management, automatic brightness adjustment and program one key switch.

Although the outdoor LED light pole screen has a small size, it can make advantage of volumes at various road sections. It can be controlled by 3G /4G wireless and you can control multiple lamp pole screens through the server o send the broadcast contents of multiple light pole screens at one time. In this way, the group of pole screen can enhance the publicity of advertising.

LED lamp pole screens


Building mobile LED screen trailer fleet is a bold attempt for clients to grow their business. Once you have been similar to the event planing market in your country, it is worth getting more mobile LED trailers to achieve more business opportunities.

This is specially true for those who are committed to making money with our mobile LED billboard trailers. Although you may have built a lot of outdoor wall LED displays and rental LED displays, building mobile LED trailer fleet will be a competitive advertising media solution in your advertising market.


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