How to Grow Mobile LED Screen Trailer Business for Start Up Company

What is the best way to develop mobile LED screen trailer business? You may have bought a mobile LED screen trailer. Now what you are more concerned about is how to use it to earn more money. That is a really good question because different products have their own promoting solutions.

As a professional mobile LED screen trailer manufacturer, we would like to share some skillful ideas with you to grow your rental business at local. These tips will inspire you thinking more wonderful measures to do a great job in the operation. Moreover, you will quickly promote the mobile LED billboard trailer business to collect back investment and gain earnings.

Learn How to Use Mobile LED Screen Trailer Before Start

Before starting this business, you shall learn about the mobile LED screen trailer you have bought. You should know whole functions and structures of the LED display trailer. If you have your own engineers or sales staff, they can be trained according to the manufacturer’s manual instruction book or training videos.

To know better what the mobile LED advertising trailer is, your team needs to know the following aspects. 

1. Learn the basic parameters and structure of LED screen trailer. Your team should know the length and weight of the whole trailer, the size and pixel of trailer mounted LED display,  video processor, audio speakers, power amplifier and so on.

After you understand these basic parameters, you are able to describe your product and put the business into practice. It is very important to describe your LED screen trailer accurately and professionally.

MB-5 mobile LED display broadcasting in live musical festival

2. Learn the operation and maintenance of the whole LED display trailer. You need to train your team how to use the LED display trailer. For example, they shall be able to connect the LED display trailer with pickup or SUV towing vehicles.  They shall know how to lift up trailer screens, turn on electricity supply, and edit video program on trailer LED display. Besides these daily operations, your team also need to carry out regularly maintenance of the mobile LED wall trailer, and encounter the LED screen failure.

You should solve any common problem by yourself or under the guidance of the LED screen trailer manufacturer. Only if your team is familiar with the use of LED display dragging, can they not work in a hurry and make mistakes in your various outdoor event activities.

3. Learn to maximize the advanced function of LED display trailer. Many of our LED screen trailer buyers are professional LED display dealers and distributors. With skillful LED display and audio expertise, they can better know how to maximize the use range of trailer LED display through a variety of other functional devices.

However, there are some LED billboard trailer buyers who are not specialized in LED display field. And many functions that can be expanded are unfamiliar to him. For example, the LED display trailer can be connected to the camera through the video processor for live broadcasting activities. It can also be connected by set top box (STB)  to get TV signal trough coaxial cable, and realize outdoor live broadcast of TV programs.

In addition, the trailer LED display can also be remotely controlled via wireless and 4G. You can also add some automatic brightness adjustment, temperature sensing and other equipment to the LED screen trailer to achieve certain specific purposes for better outdoor events.

media control cabinet

Prepare Marketing and Branding Material For Mobile LED Trailer

Marketing material of mobile LED screen trailer is the basic work to grow your brand. Many buyers may not have been involved advertising and events before, and good marketing material will help you to build a professional business service for clients. Undoubtedly the operation of mobile LED display trailer needs to be under the name of a professional marketing company. According to MOBO trailer, these materials should include following items:

Mobile LED display trailer business plan

1. Establish an advertising media company. If your business now is irrelevant to outdoor advertising and events, we will suggest you set up a professional outdoor activity media company to operate mobile LED billboard advertising trailers. Unlike construction and installation of outdoor LED display, mobile LED screen trailer is a new creative outdoor advertising media. You are conducting outdoor advertising business service instead of installing LED display on walls.

What you need now is no longer a building and construction mind but advertising media sensitivity. Thus, we would suggest that you separate the operation of the LED display trailer rental business from the construction of the LED display. Of course, this suggest is not mandatory. You can also combine the LED display trailer business with your existed company’s business scope.

2. Build a LED screen trailer website. In this society, many businesses are growing fast by the promotion of network digital advertising. Your business and company website will be seen by much more client traffics. It will be one of the best way to give much information for them to know better about you.

Therefore, it is very necessary to establish a professional and high-end official LED screen trailer website. You need to clearly tell online clients your LED screen trailer advantages, service scope and successful cases on the website. In this way, you can gradually build your mobile LED display trailer brand and find a competitive place in outdoor media.

3. Prepare other advertising materials. For example, you need to do some photo shooting for your mobile LED display trailer and take some product videos. Besides these products and pictures, you may also need some product brochures, U-disk gifts, notebooks and other promotional materials. As long as these materials are helpful to promote your trailer business, you should better prepare them.

8 Ways to Grow Your LED Screen Trailer for Rental Business

The most important part is to find the right way to start your LED screen business. A new business cannot perform well without promotion. After you bought a mobile LED display trailer, you must use all your existing resources to promote your local trailer business. Everything you plan is to get more orders for these digital LED trailers. Here are several ways to help you get more clients through various channels.

prepare LED screen trailer company branding material

1. Promote LED screen trailer to your regular customers.

Customers who have worked with you before will be the easiest and most interested clients in your new product. So when you have mobile LED advertising trailer, you should first introduce this new product and various LED trailer application scenarios to your regular customers. In another blog, we have listed the applications of mobile LED display trailer.

Your regular customers may come from different business industry and areas. However, mobile LED screen trailer has high flexibility to meet their demands. Some of you may belong to the advertising industry, and has already accumulated a lot of high-quality customer resources. In this case, it will be not very difficult for you to promote the LED advertising trailer to customers.

show your business of developing LED screen trailer to your clients

2. Promote your trailer business through digital advertising.

In some countries, the operation and application of mobile LED screen trailer has already built a powerful influence. For example, there are already many companies engaged in LED display trailer rental business in the United States and Europe. As a new beginner, you shall quickly push your brand to stand in front of competitors through digital advertising.

There are a lot of effective channels to advertise your LED trailer rental business service. For example, you can use Google adwards to promote keywords of LED trailer. You can also promote your product through some social media ads such as Facebook ads, Youtube video ads, and LinkedIn ads.

In fact, digital advertising online often offers a higher rate of return to promote your business. Think about this. Each new customer you get will likely become your long-term LED screen trailer rental business partner. They will bring you continuous revenue of your movable LED advertising trailers.

online ads for promoting LED screen trailer business

3. Join in your local OOH association. In many countries and cities, there are Out-Of-Home industry associations set up. The business of its member companies covers outdoor large screen, billboard, subway advertising, airport advertising, digital advertising, elevator advertising and so on.

When you have the LED display trailer, you can also apply to join the organization, promote your business, and work with members of the media association. You can keep in touch with each member company, and share the resources from various industry associations. Many businesses need people with different media solutions to work together. This is your chance to show the ability of creating brilliant product.

join in your ads association for promoting

4. Participate in exhibition fairs. If you have enough budget, you can participate in the famous and professional outdoor advertising exhibition in your country. In this kind of exhibition, many big corporations will have representatives to conduct marketing and branding channel research. This is also a good opportunity for you to promote the mobile LED display business service.

Actually the volume of LED display trailers is still not large enough compared with other advertising channel in some cities. However, this product and solution has its own advantages compared with other outdoor advertising channels. A good mobile LED screen trailer event can make you leave a deep impression on many advertisers, attract more audience on streets, and open a good window for your future business cooperation.

use your LED display trailer to attend exhibition

5. Merchants join support in your country. If you think big, your mobile  led screen trailer business may be not limited to a local big city. You may spread and operate it in many other cities across your country. Thus, you can also think about the form of merchants agent to promote your mobile LED display business quickly.

First of all, you need to get approved with the exclusive agency authorization from mobile LED billboard trailer manufacturer like MOBO trailer from China. Then you can go through the agent contact to find the best partner in each city. These LED trailers will quickly be settled in many big cities of your country.

Each  agent can independently develop the LED advertising trailer business in the local market. At the same time, you can work with agents with a trailer advertising cloud publishing platform to carry out multi-city advertising at the same time. This would be a best way for you to maximize your trailer screen advertising revenues.

find more dealers of mobile LED screen trailer

6. Free sponsorship for big brands.  If you’re just starting with mobile LED display, the trailer business isn’t going to grow quickly. How can you make your mobile LED screen trailer popular in a short time? Then you can consider making use of your own LED display trailer to sponsor some important events and brands for free. These events have big influence such as F1 racing, International Marathon.

Generally, there are many media reports for these big events on TV, newspaper and website. You can get more exposure in the press release by sponsoring your LED screen trailer for such big events. Of course, you can also actively expose the application of mobile LED display Trailer in these important events on various news magazines.

Finally, you will succeed making people see your trailer and brands, and collecting juicy publicity materials for your future cooperation and business opportunities.

MB-10 mobile LED screen in event

7. Street roadshow campaign.  In the city, there are many more prosperous passenger flow points, such as some commercial streets. You can park your led mobile trailer on weekends or at other times where there is a lot of traffic. Let the salesman carry out some business publicity and flyers here to increase the exposure of the product. You can also make full use of your resources, put led trailers in partners and other better places, and put your contact information on the trailer LED display.

LED screen trailer campaign in outdoor

8. Directly visiting and communicating.  You can hire some company stuffs to hand out leaflets and promote your LED display trailer. As the leader of your company, you shall also positively promote your mobile LED display trailer rental business in the local business field.

MOBO LED display trailer can be used in a much more fields in your country. It means that you have many potential customers to work with. Do not wait in office for customer coming in. There are many activities and ceremonies in every city and every day. Some vents are even held each year.

Then you need to take the initiative to find these vent manager to recommend your mobile LED trailer. In this way, your customers will gradually grow from zero to hundreds or even more. The most effective way of communication is face-to-face business. It is one of the most popular ways to find the cooperation of LED display trailer business.

people had a meeting to talk about LED screen trailer business


The development of LED display trailer business is a long-term process to build your brand. If you are the first one to take mobile LED screen trailer into local market, you have taken a big step to success. The business strategy and investment in promoting at the early stage is also important.

MOBO trailer hope our customers will be able to make the LED display trailer enrich the outdoor media channel and build their LED trailer fleet. By providing high-end outdoor activities, or building mobile LED display media network, you can make more profits in outdoor advertising activities with MOBO trailer.


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