There are many advantages to having your mobile LED Display built in China. Over 75% of the World’s LED Displays are manufactured in our country and in addition many European and American trailers are also made in China then shipped and assembled locally. Therefore it is a smart choice to contact MOBO directly to produce your LED screen trailer from start to finish. Doing this means you can benefit from our low manufacturing costs combined with the professional skills found only in China.

Here at the MOBO production facility we have the professional expertise for all types of trailer production for many countries across the world. We meet the certification requirements of DOT and ADR so your trailer is convenient to use and to register in your local area. With our professional production supply chain , MOBO creates the best products for customers and are always looking to establish long term cooperative relationships in mobile LED trailers.

MOBO mobile LED display trailer grows your outdoor business

“ If you need to install a rental LED screen at an event, you have to pack, install and debug the LED screen in advance. For most companies, this wastes a lot of time and adds to labor cost in preparing the rental LED display.

There is an easier solution. MOBO LED screen trailers can greatly improve your working efficiency. Your MOBO mobile LED display trailer does not require unpacking before using, and the transportation is also very convenient.

The whole installation process of a MOBO LED trailer is much faster than the rental LED display. It takes only one person to complete the full installation process and In this efficiency oriented era, your MOBO LED display trailer will save you huge operating costs and create bigger benefits for you.”

Niche Market

You can use the LED display trailer for all kinds of activities including advertising and live broadcasting. The trailers’ special features makes the trailer stand out against your competitors improving your business profitability.

Money Saving

You can get your trailer operational in just 15 mins. So you need fewer employees to install and to operate the LED display. The trailer also saves you time because set up is so easy. Time is money and the MOBO trailer saves you both.

Improved Flexibility

All the equipment is installed on the mobile LED display trailer so it is ready to go at any time. Your trailer needs very little space to park and very little time to set up so you can arrive in the shortest time before the event starts.

Cloud Control

You have multiple channels to upload and play photos or videos on your trailer LED display. And With 3G/4G remote control, you can easily handle the programming from a distance.

Weather Free

The Trailer LED display is IP65 Waterproof with a brightness range from 5000nits to 7000nits. Finished with high quality anti-rust spray paint, your trailer can work as equally well in bright sunshine or rainy days as it does in perfect weather.

High Performance

Your mobile LED display will create an impressive performance for your audiences. Attractive appearance and fantastic visuals takes your display to a higher level.

MOBO Trailers will help you develop your business


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A MOBO LED trailer will expand your products and services

Start your LED Display Trailer Project Today

Traditional rental LED screens take a long time to build, which absolutely increases your costs. In addition your customers also want something new to make every event great.
A MOBO LED display trailer can move the LED display to wherever you want. The LED display trailer of MOBO benefits from excellent appearance, design and mechanical design, which is far more attractive than traditional LED screens. A MOBO LED trailer will increase your LED screen rental business.

MOBO MB-22 LED sign trailer
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