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Mobile LED screen trailers are usually purchased by event companies or LED display installers & distributors to use in various outdoor events. With the growing demand for portable LED displays from varieties of companies and institutions, those traditional fixed LED displays and rental LED screens are no longer cost effective to satisfy end end users or event sponsors in the market.

There is an alternative for customers who wants buy and keep a portable LED display directly. Buying a mobile LED screen trailer can not only reduce the larger cost of renting LED displays, but also enjoy the convenience of portable LED display trailers in daily use.

Why End Customers Buy Mobile LED Billboard Trailer?

As a famous manufacturer of movable LED billboard trailers in China, MOBO is getting more and more leads in the market to inquiry and purchase LED screen trailers. These end customers come from a wide variety of industries, such as police stations, schools, churches, government, parks, military, etc. They have shown great interest in the movable LED display trailers to use in events. Here are some reasons why they prefer to buy LED screen trailer for themselves.

1. LED Screen Trailers Do Better in Their High Frequency Events and Activities.

Movable LED screen trailer is excellent in promoting brand, advertising, creating atmosphere and broadcasting. More and more end customers have growing demand for activities with better LED screen solution. Frequent leasing of rental LED displays can no longer meet their needs because of high cost and complex installation process. LED display trailers can play an increasingly important role in these high-frequency activities.

Take school events for example, many universities need to hold a variety of outdoor activities. There are school open day, sports matches, outdoor parties, speeches, musical performances, information releases and so on. These activities often need portable LED display to show important contents. Some events like graduation ceremonies, are occasional and relatively infrequent. Some activities have a higher frequency like outdoor entertainment activities and school information release.

Schools and universities need a mobile LED display solution that can be used with high flexibility and low cost. This is what the advantages of LED display trailers Neither fixed installation of outdoor LED display, nor the rental LED display, can provide the most efficient solution.

This application of portable LED screen trailer is not limited in schools and universities. For example, churches can use LED display trailers to do live broadcast events, charitable donations, crusades. Sports clubs can also use LED screen trailers for information displaying, live events, brand sponsorship, daily training and so on. We must realize that movable LED displays will bring convenience to more and more end customers in their work.

2. It Is Convenient To Use and Maintain LED Screen Trailer for End Customers.

Fixed LED display and rental LED displays need professional installation and commissioning, which are not friendly to the end customer. This is why a large number of LED display rental companies and installation companies to serve end customers.

Traditional LED display is inconvenient to move and can not get rid of time and space constraints. The interaction between customers and the screen is not that attractive any more. End customers who rent or buy LED screens are looking forward to a simple and convenient portable LED display. The movable LED display trailer is not only easy to use in the mechanical structure, but also equipped with the latest LED display program management system. It is very convenient for end customers to use. Here are some features.

Mobile LED screen trailer is easy to tow and drive. LED display trailer is a combination of trailer structure and outdoor LED display. It has the same towing structure and brake system like ordinary trailers. Buyers can simply drive the car to move the trailer screen to the event site. What’s more, the LED display trailer has light weight, you can move it by manually pushing in short distance.

Convenient LED screen editing and publishing system on trailer. With the development of LED display technology, LED display control system has been implanted into the smart phone. You can control trailer LED screen through the computer or cell phone software. Editing and publishing LED display pictures or video programs become super simple and easy. 

Generally end customers only need simple training to master the operation of trailer screen information publishing methods within an hour. And LED screen trailer buyers can upload and manage the content on the movable LED screen remotely via WIFI or 3G/4G through cell phone or computer, and control the extended functions such as turning on and off the screen.

Simple mechanical and circuit control panel on LED screen trailer. Besides the trailer chassis structure and LED display, the movable LED display trailer has lifting and 360 degree rotating functions. These features enable the LED display to be used at events with higher effectiveness. These mechanical rotation function can be done by remote control and buttons on the control panel. You only need to press a few buttons and twist a few switches to achieve the control of the circuit system and the mechanical rotation of the screen through the highly integrated hydraulic system.

Convenient multimedia input/output port on trailer screen. LED screen trailer end buyers often need other multimedia expansion equipment to meet the needs of the event site when using the portable LED display. For example, common equipment and functions include professional audio, camera live shooting, TV signal accessing, drone signal accessing and so on.

Movable LED display trailers are equipped with hardware such as video processors, multimedia boxes and power amplifiers to provide input/output signal ports for other multimedia equipment. You just need to plug in the corresponding line excuse to achieve signal transmission and video placement between multiple devices.

Standard repairing and maintaining module on LED screen trailer. Many end customers are worried about repairing and after-sale service. As a manufacturer of movable LED displays, we pay attention to provide convenient maintenance and quick after-sales service. Therefore, we have summarized some of common trailer screen trouble shooting that our customers may meet and provided a quick solution for diagnosing and solving those problems. You can follow the guide to replace the screen parts. Other devices just need to follow our manufacturer’s instruction for daily use inspection.

Overall, the removable LED display trailer does not have complex repair and maintenance technical requirements, you just need simple training to use and maintain it well.

3. Low Purchasing Cost of Mobile LED Screen Trailer

There are many new LED displays built in the market and some of them are used to replace old ones. However, both fixed LED display construction and rental LED screen business are operating with big cost. Many end customers are faced with limited budget to start LED screen project.

Movable LED display trailer can provide portable outdoor LED displays from 10 feet to 20 feet in width and 5 feet to 12 feet in height. It is more cost effective than a typical fixed LED billboard and can be easily moved to any event site.

As a manufacturer of LED display trailers, MOBO also provides end customers with door-to-door pricing. Buyers do not need to spend additional costs on importing fees and documentation such as international shipping and custom duties. The purchasing process is simple and the landing cost of mobile digital LED screen trailer is attractive to many customers.

4. LED Display Trailer Is Creative Outdoor Advertising Media

More and more LED screen end buyers are hunting for new LED display technology. Traditional LED displays are challenged by telling difference with common LED screen products. Some special shape LED display products such as LED ball, LED tree, 3D LED screen are growing popular in the market.

Mobile LED display trailer is a combination of mechanical trailer with electronic digital LED screen in the collection of creative LED display products. It has the beautify of vehicles together with technology sense of screen . At the event site, the LED display trailer can attract more attention than the conventional LED display. Its exquisite shape can perfectly match the surrounding environment and is more advanced than the rental LED display. Therefore, the LED display trailer makes a big splash in various events.

How Can LED Display Trailer Manufacturer Provide Better Products to End Buyers?

While more and more end customers are willing to buy mobile LED screen trailers, manufacturers shall improve the product quality and service in the market to deliver better goods to clients. When the mobile LED display trailer comes to international business, there are more challenges to manufacturers.

1. Better Resolution of portable LED screen trailer

In recent years, outdoor digital LED billboards are displaying video which are mostly shot with high-definition cameras. The video source has the properties of ultra-high definition. Although the original outdoor display area is large, but the pixels are not very high, can not achieve the effect of HD display. With the improvement of the clarity of the video source, outdoor display HD is an inevitable trend.

The video HD display can only present the details of the product. Because the outdoor display advertising costs are not expensive, so the customers in the outdoor display are mainly high-end luxury brands. And high-end brand video promo, more product details are highlighted, so the image processing function of the display is required to be excellent, clear display, in order to highlight the delicate products and achieve the publicity effect that the end user wants.

MOBO always works with excellent LED display suppliers in China to provide our end customers with the highest definition movable LED display. The portable outdoor trailer LED displays are available in P10, P8, P6, P6, P5, P4, P3 and P2.5. MOBO provides professional solutions in terms of trailer LED screen display stability, high refreshing rate and high brightness on the mobile LED billboard trailer.

Steel cabinet outdoor trailer LED screen
Steel cabinet outdoor trailer LED screen
Rental Die cast aluminum trailer LED screen
Rental Die-cast aluminum trailer LED screen

2. Provide door-to-door LED screen trailer delivery

As a professional LED display trailer manufacturer in China, MOBO offers the most convenient door-to-door shipping solution for our end customer buyers. Since many end customers have no experience in importing goods from China, they are not familiar with the whole importing process of mobile LED screen trailer. Therefore, MOBO are committed to offering best shipping service to our customers.

Once the customer has placed an order, we will take care of all services from LED screen trailer loading from factory to door-to-door shipping. Professional shipping solutions are provided with a series of processes such as ship booking, container loading, China customs declaration, ocean transportation, US customs clearance, tax payment, and land delivery. Our LED screen trailer end buyers only need to check the progress of the shipping and wait for the LED display trailer to their door.

MB-15 LED screen trailer for USA
MB-15 LED screen trailer Loading in factory
MOBO MB-16 LED screen in Los Angeles
Client received Trailer After Custom Clearance

3. Keep improving the after-sale service of LED screen trailer

LED display trailer manufacturers also need to continue improving the after-sales service. Many end customers, especially organizations lacking of technical personnel, are concerned about service with manufacturers especially when there are problems with products. This is also an important reason why end buyers always think twice when buy mobile LED display trailers from China.

MOBO has been working to improve the quality of after-sales service for movable LED display trailers in the international market:

Build promote After-sales response system. Telephone center and online service center is an essential service for after-sales service, which is the most convenient way for buyers to connect with LED display trailer manufacturers and the most direct way for manufacturers to reach users. When buyers encounter trouble with LED display trailers, they can find MOBO factory by phone or email to get fastest reply.

MOBO’s engineers will diagnose the faulty parts in the shortest time and propose professional repair solutions to help customers repair their LED display trailers as soon as possible. As a leading LED display trailer factory in China, we constantly collect information about product quality, improve LED display trailer product design and build higher quality LED display trailers to our end buyers

Professional factory spare parts distribution system. spare parts for LED display trailers are the basis of after-sales service. the current products of MOBO LED display trailers are also modular design, the part of damaged products can be repaired by spare parts replacement.

At the time of shipment, MOBO prepares common spare parts such as LED modules, power supply, receiver cards, cables, etc. for customers. We have developed an economical and feasible repair parts BOM for end buyers, and send them to customers for repair and replacement via international express first time.

Explore establishment of local repair and replacement service center. In order to offer faster service for LED display trailer buyers, MOBO is exploring having a portion of its components repaired and replaced in the local market. For example, MOBO uses NOVAStar’s LED display control system and can work together with their after-sales service in the US to provide quick response and support for software and hardware. MOBO is also expanding the resources of LED display repairing in the U.S. End customers can send the parts that need to be repaired to the repair center and enjoy the convenience of promote after-sales service.

USA Standard socket on MOBO LED screen trailer
USA Standard socket on MOBO trailer
NOVAstar TB40 Control box for USA
NOVAstar TB40 Control box for USA


As more and more end buyers pay attention to movable LED display trailer products, it is important to improve buyers’ buying experience and using experience. We focus on the manufacturing of LED display trailers and continue to improve the quality of products, delivery service and after-sales service made in China. Our goal is to bring more mobile LED display trailers to the US and other markets to help end customers get better quality LED display trailers with the lowest purchasing cost.


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