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The Parks and Recreation Boards across the USA have a crucially important role. It is their job to manage the vast network of US parkland and recreational spaces from the children’s play areas in the heart of the towns and cities to the vast areas of parkland and natural spaces that span the country.

In addition the Board will host and oversee events that take place in the parks – and these can include sporting events, cultural events such as music festivals informational events that raise awareness to local issues and anything else which is fun and/ or community minded.

The Parks and Recreation Department also works with the tourism industry as many people from across the world, the US and the state will visit the Parks from out of the area for hiking and getting back to nature.

With such a community based role that is spread over often hundreds of square miles a mobile LED screen is a valuable asset to any Parks and Recreations department.

 One of the most important facets of the Park and recreation department is the need to pass on information. This means that a mobile LED screen trailer which can deployed in different areas of the parkland and in recreational spaces is a fantastic way to get messages across to the public, raise awareness of local issues and fulfill countless other applications.

Thanks to the hit TV show Parks and Recreation, this Department may look like an easy job that involves plenty of time hanging out in beautiful spaces and doing very little but eating Calzone but in truth the job of the Parks and Recreation department can be uniquely challenging.

Your department will have numerous parks and recreational spaces to manage. This means that you need to provide the same level of care and service to each one. A mobile LED trailer which can be used across all the spaces you manage , means that you can host high quality events in even the smaller out of the way places.

What sort of activities does a mobile LED screen unit support?

 Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used applications. As you already know the average Parks and Recreation Department has a full calendar of events that take place all year round and across most areas.

Many activities in the park can use a mobile LED screen trailer

The Park is often used for a variety of sports and leisure purposes that can be enhanced by the use of a mobile LED screen.

So if one of your parks is hosting a fun run , a skating contest or any other sporting event, you can use the mobile LED screen to display scores and broadcast the live information to onlookers and participants. This brings an added dimension to the enjoyment of the day and is a useful method of managing the event.

A mobile LED screen trailer is also perfect for cultural events such as music festivals, film shows, children events  and other activities. You can use the screen in many ways such as publicizing the itinerary , showing films , providing a back drop to musical performances by placing it behind a stage as well as countless other applications.

The mobile LED screen trailer comes with a built in sound system so can be used to play music creating a lively ambiance for your events. Your mobile LED screen can enhance any event and bring it to life.

The trailer LED screen can be a vital part of any event whether it is used solely for information purposes or is to feature as part of the entertainment. With a mobile LED screen a whole wealth of possibilities are opened up adding an extra dimension to your Parks and Recreation events.

MB-16 LED billboard trailer in outdoor musical

A mobile LED screen trailer can provide publicity for local events

One problem with hosting events is that they are often overlooked because people do not realize that they are happening. Yes, anyone can look at the Parks and Rec local website where events are usually publicized or check out their local Facebook group but unless your community  does  this on a regular basis , you are likely to miss out on visitors.

With a mobile LED screen, you can take the information to the local community. Positioning the trailer unit in key areas of activity with a message or short video advertisement  of the event alerts the local population  to what is going on in the local area and is an easy and effective way to raise awareness.

So whether it is a fun run going on in the Park, a farmers market,  an important community meeting or any type of event where you are trying to raise awareness , your mobile LED screen will grab attention from the very people you are trying to attract.

Small LED trailer for daytime outdoor movie
LED screen trailer movie at daytime
Small LED screen trailer for outdoor movie at night
LED screen trailer movie at night

A mobile LED screen unit can broadcast alerts

Sometimes the weather can pose risks to walkers and hikers. Unfortunately these people do not always realize the dangers of hiking cross country when a storm is imminent. You can use the LED unit in areas of tourism in order to broadcast emergency information or alerts in order to keep people safe. You can publicize up to the minute weather reports and advice via the billboard messaging.

MOBO MB-5 mobile LED display trailer is publishing fire safety in Australia
LED screen trailer for message publishing

The Mobile LED Screen Trailer is Green for Parks

Because we care about the environment and after all this is a key area of concern for any Parks and Recreation Department, we all strive to be as ecologically aware as possible.

The mobile LED screen trailer only needs electricity and this can be provided by the unit’s silent generator if there is no other electricity supply on site. Because it is a mobile unit it does not require any construction so you can transport it to a natural site without disrupting the local ecology.

The mobile LED screen trailer can be towed by a medium sized car, truck or SUV , depending on the size of unit you choose. If you have already gone green with your Parks and Recreation vehicles and are using electric rather than oil based fuel , the carbon impact is further minimized.

We all want to do our bit for the environment and of course we all have a long way to go but our LED mobile screen trailers which can be used in multiple ways and multiple locations means that you don’t need to make multiple purchases. The same mobile screen trailer can be used for all of your events and simply towed back to your head quarters once it has finished work for the day.

LED screen trailer with electricity supply
LED screen trailer with electricity supply
LED screen trailer plug
LED screen trailer plug

Your own mobile screen unit is inexpensive to use

You may have tried renting an LED screen from a local supplier so you already know that this can be expensive. As well as the rental costs you will have to pay for the labor of the operator so is an expense that any P & R department will have to consider very carefully because you will only have a limited budget to spend on each event.

By contrast if you purchase a mobile LED screen for the department , you no longer need to worry about the expense. Save the costs of the electricity, your LED mobile screen is free to use. You no longer need to pay for an operator and the hire charge to a third party company. Instead you can use the LED screen unit as much as you need without having any considerations about the budget.

MB-5 LED Screen Trailer in USA
MOBO mobile LED display trailer in concert broadcasting

Mobile LED trailer is suitable for indoor and outdoor use

An LED screen uses light emitting diodes as a pixel display on a flat screen. Because these are so bright and clear, images are clear in all conditions, even bright sunlight

This means the mobile LED screen trailer is perfectly adapted to all types of events both indoors and outside. So whether you want to host a film night in a local community center or play videos and movies or message board outside in bright sunny conditions, the screen is perfect for all types of setting.

You can screen anything from movies to publicity messages via an LED display and know that the images you broadcast are as clear as watching  TV at home in optimum conditions.

MB-10 mobile led screen for indoor exhibition and meeting
LED screen trailer for outdoor use

The mobile LED screen is easy to use

A MOBO LED screen unit is extremely easy to use. It can be operated via a lap top , smart phone or memory stick so you do not need to invest in special equipment. Our larger units come with a mobile control room but for smaller screen sizes you will find it is easy to upload and manage content as you sit in your car.

Set up is easy too, regardless of the model you choose. This can be carried out automatically by one person in around half an hour so with a small training session , the screen can be operated by members of the Parks and Recreation department without hassle.

What size of mobile LED screen trailer is best adapted to Parks and Recreation use?

The best way to find the perfect LED screen trailer for your requirements is to contact MOBO trailers and speak to an expert. However In our experience, many P & R departments go for a mid range or small screen size such as our MB-16 LED trailer or the MB-5 LED trailer.

Both these models are easily towable by a mid range car or SUV ,  provide great video display and can be used very easily for billboard advertising. These mid size models are perfect for a wide range of uses that are characteristic of our Parks and Recreation Department customers.

digital billboard trailer performs better in outdoor advertising than LED screen on walls
MB-5 small LED screen trailer

In conclusion

Like it or not, screens are an important part of our daily lives and these days most events are enhanced by the use of a screen. You may be considering installing a permanent LED screen in a busy recreational space for events but this would be a mistake.

A mobile LED screen is a far better alternative. It means that you can use an LED screen wherever it is needed including using it for informational purposes and billboard advertising . It doesn’t require any construction and even better a mobile unit has far more potential than a fixed screen.

If you need to find out more, MOBO can help. Our company is expert in the manufacture of mobile LED screen trailers and can build custom LED trailers for your department.


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